More from ESPN: Post/Shot Two-fer.

I'm about to give up my insider status. These guys have completely shifted into a spin machine and away from sports journalism. Today they had one from David Thorpe pairing this year's rookies with NBA "veterans" that said rookies should emulate. I will list his results for those of you without access. For those who do, here is a link:

Derrick Rose: Chauncey Billups

Michael Beasley: Carlos Boozer (Ummm, huh?) 

O.J. Mayo: Kevin Durant (I could've sworn he said VETERANS!)

Russell Westbrook: Dwayne Wade

Kevin Love: Kevin Garnett (By leaving Minny?)

Danilo Gallinari: Paul Milsap

Eric Gordon: Rip Hamilton

Joe Alexander: Ron Artest

DJ Augustine: Jameer Nelson

Brook Lopez : Tim Duncan

Jerryd Bayless: Kobe Bryant (Thorpe says Bayless always "looks too cool on the court" based on his accomplishments. Is he suggesting he could learn a lesson in humility from Bryant? Really?)

Jason Thompson: Al Horford

Brandon Rush: Danny Granger

Anthony Randolph: Ray Allen

Mareese Speights: Amar'e Stoudamire

Roy Hibbert: Pau Gasol (LMFAO)

JaVale McGee: Andris Biedrins

JJ Hickson: David West

Courtney Lee: Chris Paul (He's not a point guard!)

Mario Chalmers: Andre Miller

Anthony Morrow: Eddie House (My brain just exploded.)

Greg Oden: Dwight Howard (We have a winner!)

Marc Gasol: Yao Ming

Rudy Fernandez: Manu Ginobili


And, I know I'm a homer, but not one of these guys should emulate Brandon Roy? Really? Sure, who wants a guy that comes in, gets rookie of the year his first season, named to the all-star squad every other year, and raises his team's total wins by over 10 w's per season. And then not only gets his team into the playoffs, but is fighting for HCA - in his THIRD season. That'd be stupid! Better to just emulate KD instead, so they can be superstars...and LOSE.

PS - I meant to post this on Saturday. Came into work and it was still on my screen, un-posted. Sorry if this already got some burn. I'm still a little fired up.



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