4/29 JD - Afterglow or Foreshadow

So it's the morning after BIG win, obviously the biggest of the season thus far (hopefully the first in a series of wins of exponentially increasing importance).  How are we all feeling, hmm?  Elated?  Relieved?  Is this the kind of thing that will make things awkward at the workplace between us and the Blazers?

After the last win, I started work on a portrait series, hoping to immortalize our 2009 starting five, the first of which was Przy, who I posted in the game day junk drawer, foolishly, against my better judgment.  Of course, we went on to lose that game in heartbreaking just too short come back bid (and then the next in even more soul tearing fashion) so I both haven't really felt like salting the wounds of those losses by being forced to stare for hours at those what treated me bad. ;)

But I've been busy nonetheless on them, and have just been waiting for a non game day to post, so I can avoid any possibility of being the goat in this series. ;)

So, next in line is LaMarcus.  Based on some of the feedback from the Przy portrait, I decided to improvise a bit and stray from the "eyes on the prize" sort of deer in the headlight look that the photographs have taken.  I can't say how successful I was, but the goal was a more intense and focused LMA, instead of a doe eyed one.



The next one is the one I'm most nervous about, given the potential disaster it will be if I've nerfed even a hair of sexiness from the French one.  This one's for the ladies (or lady) so I'll let them be the judge.  No intense soul devouring focus here, just straight up voulez vous couchez avec moi.



And a slightly reworked Przybilla for those who found his ogreishness lacking in the first iteration:



So, B. Roy's up next, and while I don't want to get ahead of myself (after all, if we lose one of these next two, it might be mid-Summer before I feel up to finishing the starters) I wanted to throw the reins to you guys as to what my next portrait will be in celebration if we make it to round 2 (think of it as a cosmic incentive for the fates to be kind.  An offering to the basketball gods, rather than an arrogant assumption).  Take your pick below.  You can check out my other portrait work here.

As with many others, this is my first attempt at a Junk Drawer, so flagellate accordingly if I blow the poll.







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