End of the conspiracy theory

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First off this post DOES contain thoughts on the OFFICIATING. So if you don’t want to read it please feel free to move on now. 


As I have read posts on this topic it seems that people generally fall into two camps.  Camp one: David Stern is controlling every call from his office where he is sitting with a calculator adding up how many $$$ each potential call will bring in. Camp two: Fact of the game, superstars get good calls, rookies and role players do not. Play the game the way that it is called and stop making up reasons why the officials hate us.


I have never been one to buy into conspiracy theories and I don’t plan on starting. That being said…..


Lets examine Camp two a little bit.


Almost all of us agree that superstars get calls that others don’t. So the obvious question then is why does that happen?


  1. K*oby drives to the hole and throws up a shot..  WHAT!! it didn’t go in…. must be a foul.  Superstars are the most talented players in the league you expect them to make more shots, commit less fouls and draw more fouls. Refs expect this too. Fair? No. Natural? Yes.


  1. Superstars Sell. LBJ fouls out of a game in the third…  How many non Cleveland fans will watch the rest of the game? Not me. Now if you think that the NBA doesn’t pay attention to this, you have your head in the sand.  If I was hired to run the NBA (please God) The expectation would be that I run it as a business to make the most $$. Thus preferential treatment of the cash cow (superstars).



In light of the previous assumptions I purpose a joining of the camps!  My hope is that where whacked out conspiracy theorist and blinded head in the sand guy meet there is a rational way of looking at things. 


In this camp we assume that the NBA is simply a corporation that is trying to sell a great product and pay the bills.  It isn’t fixing games but it isn’t a haven for all that is pure and fair in the world either. 


Now to where the rubber meets the road…


Yao Ming will not foul out of a game in the Playoffs. And all you Houston fans that say “it’s just because he’s a superstar and has nothing to do with where he is from” Examine point 2 above.  Maybe I am just a punch drunk Blazer fan but if you say superstars get better calls then you are saying that it’s all about the $$$. 

Long time Lurker. First time post(er)?  Be kind.

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