Think before you "publish"

I am pretty upset after tonights game. Most Blazer fans probably are.

Before the tedious geiser of trade this guy, or what was this guy thinking gets going, I wish everyone would stop for a second and think about this team and how hard they are working out there.

Joel Przybilla is not trying to get let Yao get offensive rebounds. Considering the way the series is being officiated, I think he has done a commendable job against this guy he gives up half-a-foot to.

Travis Outlaw is not trying to miss his jumpers. He's playing the role he has played all season, and maybe feleing the heat of the big stage a bit, but maybe our opinions of his play have become less forgiving, too. Trout is going to be Trout and give us a good game some of the time, and sometimes not. That's the way it is and has been.

Steve Blake is not trying to turn the ball over, Greg Oden is not trying to pick up quick fouls, and Nate is not sitting your favorite player because he somehow "accidented" this team to 54 wins. The playoffs just intensify our emotions, and that's what makes it great to be in them.

The calls, bounces and shots have not really gone our way in Houston, and there are a few calls from tonight's game that I would like to see reviewed by the league, but I gotta let it go.

We, as NBA fans simply cannot be relied upon to be objective regarding how games are officiated when our teams are playing. We have seen evidence of this in this blog and others when two opposing fans are absolutely positive about two different points of view on a foul.

My point is, if you are going to single out a player as worthless, a ref as clueless, or a coach as brainless, maybe you could hit the save button, sleep on it, and see if you feel the same way in the morning.

I KNOW THAT BLOGS ARE OPEN FORUMS, and you can say whatever the hell you want, but for the sake of the rest of us, remember who these guys are and how hard they have worked this year, and what a great ride it has been. Think about how much it sucked a few years back to hear that Paul Allen might want to bail out and sell the team.

Most of all, think about whether or not you want your snipe to be sitting here, archived, when we come out of Game 7 headed for LA.

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