Episode 001 -- Blazers Edge Community Podcast

Podcast fun! We're starting a new thing around these parts--a Blazers Edge Community Podcast! Today, Sophia (BlazerFan1) and Steven (SandbergonSports), and Josh (that's me!--prezofdeath) kick things off on "Blazer Laser" (feel free to suggest an alternate title).

Normally, the podcast will probably have a little more variety in terms of topics, but for today's edition, all was thrust aside in the name of PLAYOFFS!

Today, we had Sophia throwing around the "ultimate fail" willy-nilly, Prez wanting to quintuple-team Scola with Joel, Greg, Frye, Outlaw, and Nic, and Stephen "Awkward Silence" Sandberg with expert analysis, all in one juicy podcast.

If you want to subscribe via iTunes, click Advanced on the top bar, then hit Subscribe To Podcast. You can then paste in this URL:


UPDATE: If you are having trouble subscribing in iTunes REMOVE the www part.  (this should work...let me know if it doesn't)

I also submitted our podcast to iTunes, so we should be in the iTunes music store pretty soon.


I'm not an expert in other podcast catchers, but I think they work in the same general way, if you're one of those anti-iTunes kinda' people ;-)

If you want to stream it directly, you can find it by clicking here.

Let me know if you have any troubles accessing it, and feel free to fill this place up with thoughts/comments/suggestions/critiques. This is our first one obviously, so I'm sure there's a lot of things we'll be looking at improving upon.


PS--yes, epic fail in my screenshot. I've since corrected it from "Blaser" to Blazer.

UPDATE: If you are going to be on the show:

At the time we decide on, call in to this number and enter the access code when prompted:

Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 475-4825
 Participant Access Code: 225785#

Once you have decided you will be in on the specified time we agreed on, PLEASE email/twitter me and confirm that you will be on at the specified time.

Muchas gracias amigos. See you on the podcast.

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