A new guy's perspective on the tenor of the Board

Greetings fellow Blazermaniacs!

      I have been reading Blazer's Edge for about a year and the amount of joy it has brought me is immeasurable.  Thanks to you all for keeping me sane and informed. this site is a 41 inch vertical leap above any other sports blog. A real treasure.

        Let me give you my Blazer bonafide's as an introduction.


---I am old enough to remember it all.  I attended Larry Steele's basketball camp as a skinny junior high basketballer.

---I saw Arvydas play on the Soviet junior team when he was skinny and fast!  He moved like Kareem I kid you not.

---I am not much of a bobble-head guy but I have two, Arvydas and Walton. And oddly enough, Big Bill's came with a broken foot. Could that be more perfect?

---Grew up near Eugene and never saw the Blazers play in the Glass Palace.  Too poor. When I think of the Blazers,  Schonely's voice is still what I think of. Blazer Radio on rainy nights in Oakridge is a HUGE childhood memory for me.

Enough of the boring bio.....

     The real reason I am writing is to address the tenor of some of the posts today. It isn't like I am not as disappointed as the next guy after yesterdays beat down, but sometimes I think we forget why we are even here. It is the game.  we get so caught up in the race for the ring we can lose sight that it is the joy of the game that brings us here.  No one wants a ring as bad as a Blazer fan stuck in SoCal, but the thing that makes us different from other Blog sites and other fans is we actually enjoy and get the journey. 

     If it is only about the ring then skip the season and just watch the last game. Calling out Nate's intelligence, ( you don't have the success he has had with these guys if you are not a great teacher and coach) or Lamarcus' heart. ( I can GUARANTEE you Lamarcus had a lousier day today then any of us had) Doesn't get us anything.  Look at where we are! ( Playoffs!  with a chance to make some history)  And where we have have come from. (Jailblazers......pick a year)

Here are the things I have enjoyed and a couple I can't WAIT to see:

1) A team I am PROUD HAS HECK to root for. My Mom is a rabid 75 year old Blazer fan, if Brandon and I were drowning, I would not be the first person she threw the rope too.)

2) Watching Pryz fire up in the paint. Lunch Pail in one hand an proverbial hardhat in the other.

3)Seeing the light going on in Lamarcus' game. Sure he got his lunch money nabbed yesterday, but I am looking forward to seeing him adjust his game and make the doubters go silent as he has the last month.

4)Seeing Nate tweek the plan to give the formidable Rockets something to think about.

5) Saying " no .....No .......NO....YES!!.... NICE SHOT TROUT! about 8 times in the next game.

6) Watching Greg's game mature and give Yao the handful that really only Shaq has given him so far in his career. I am telling ya....he is ready to bust out. I thought he had a bit of Pryz's red *ss going on in the 4th yesterday. Foot work is already coming around too.

7) RUUUUUDY for 3!!!

8) Blake finding the seams that are going to open up when we get it going.

9) Bayless taking it to the rack over Yao (could happen)

I could go on and on but this is getting long already for  first post. I hope I am doing this correctly

It is the is a PROCESS. I am having a BLAST being able to witness it.

Thanks to Dave and Ben and all the regulars, you have created something quite unique. Congrats!




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