Part II: Which Rockets Play Better/Worse Vs. Blazers

It's easy to get caught focusing all of your attention on how our guys fare against the Rockets. I wanted to see if there were any Rockets players who thrive or struggle against us in game this year.

You can get right to the numbers by accessing ** this spreadsheet **

There are a few things to note about the spreadsheet:

1. I picked some stats I was interested in, not every one

2. Green cells mean a player outperformed their season average in that area when playing the Blazers

3. Red cells mean a player underperformed

4. Yellow cells are items of note that could be good or bad (e.g., Artest taking fewer shots against the Blazers is not necessarily good or bad, but is worth noting)


**Feel free to add to the spreadsheet if you like**

A few things I noticed:

- Artest struggles against Roy almost as much as Roy struggles against him. He's shooting a paltry 36% from the field against us and is scoring 2 pts/game less than his average. He is also rebouding less. Things could be even worse for him except for the fact that he nearly doubles his average number of FT attempts.

- I was a little shocked to see Yao have such terrible numbers against us. It felt like he really keyed their victories, especially in the last game, but the numbers don't support that (at least these numbers). He is off by over 3 pts/game and his shooting is down drastically (-12.74%). His rebounding numbers are also below his average.

- Aaron Brooks may be the key to this series. He has completely overperformed against us, scoring at a 16 pt clip (5 over his season avg). This is a guy that shot 40% from the field all year. He is succeeding by shooting more (4 more shots/game than usual) and by being lights out from downtown (50%!!). If we can just get him back to his averages, I think this series becomes a lot easier to win.

- Luis Scola is shooting 69% from the floor against us. 69%. Jesus. Can someone please at least put a bag over his head so I don't have to look at his ugly mug while he's toasting us?

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