Thank You KP (and Thank You Thank You Threads)

We've thanked all the major actors in this so-called "Manifest Dynasty."  Brandon... check.  Nate... check.  Paul Allen... check.

But we still haven't thanked the architect of this thing... Kevin H. Pritchard (by the way, I don't know that his middle name starts with an H, but you hear people say "Jesus H. Christ" and... well, you see the comparison).

Kevin Pritchard is still batting 1000 as far as I'm concerned.  The Blazers are something like 21-8 since the Trade Deadline, which is top 5 in the league.

I remember the Trade Deadline post mortem posts that criticized KP for not making a move.  The way Travis, Nic, Blake and Sergio have played over the last month of the season shows that the man with the "Golden Gut" (as coined by owner Paul Allen) was right once again.  That's not to say that KP won't try to add a better PG or SF during the off-season, but he was smart enough see that the current roster has a chance to make something special happen this season.

Thank You KP for a marvelous job once again!  Also, we should give a big Thank You to the people on KP's staff including Assistant GM Tom Penn, Jason Born, and Chad Buchanan.


There has been considerable debate over the Thank You threads.  Criticizing the Thank You threads at this point seems ridiculous because we've already gotten through all the players, coach Nate, Paul Allen, and now KP and his staff.  If you people really thought it was a problem, you should have spoken up earlier instead of waiting for all of them to be posted. 

For all the Thank You thread haters, there have been many people who enjoyed them and/or supported them, including Dave.

HailDaBlazer said:

oftentimes the "thank you" posts were vague, silly, uninsightful or just plain bad.

blazerbeliever said:

there has been alot of negative feedback for something that was important for me and i thought was important to other fans, and that to express our gratitude for a freaking awsome year.

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