From an outsider

I am an ardent Blazer fan who lives so far away from Portland that I've seen only snippets of games.

So I am posting as if someone who's seen them for the first time.

1.  Why doesn't this Channing Frye fellow start?  That floater in the lane, the outside shots, the mobility, plus his length?  I guess the answer is LeMarcus Aldridge, who looked o.k. and I see has had a strong season.

2.  How come the Spanish point guard doesn't start?  Holy crap!  And what's his three-cone drill time?  Must be a combine record? The English guy that resembled him, Blake, looked good, too, but not nearly as disruptive.

3.  But P.S,, Blake's offensive follow and toss to Pryzbilla: great, great play, a game highlight.

4.  Why wasn't your guy who guarded Carmello named to the NBA All Defensive team?  And is he not nicknamed The Glove because Portland fans (1) like to be original, an Oregonian trait and (2) because they dislike Seattle, they would never steal the nickname of a former Sonic? 

His first quarter defense on Anthony ended last night's game.  When your star gets forced into a funk, the funk spreads.   The Nuggests came ready to play, and the Frenchman popped their bubbles.

5.  Is there some way to start Outlaw? Gorgeous.  Maybe it's the turnovers; he's not faultless, to be sure.  He's much better than his brother Bo. 

6.  Everyone knows about the rookie center Oden.  No one's mentioned he looks like Clifford Ray's dad. 

7.  One of the biggest beneficiaries of the NBA's deal with Giorgio Armani is your coach.  I wonder how often a Blazer players misses what Nate is telling them because he's'thinking, "Man, where I can get me one of them ties?"

8.  How'd you lose 28 games?  Ball movement, three point shooting, help defense, depth--yikes! 

Let's see: your defensive rebounding could be better; may be it was just off last night, but they beat your on the boards.  Not badly, but they won.  And some of your screen-setters resemble matadors evading a bull.  But these are small nits in the scheme of a team that won by a bazillion, against the conference's two seed.

9.  Oh, the tatoo exhibit for Denver.  At least four in five pyschologists watching for ninety seconds would say there's some real pathology there.  Not funny. Easy to envision an unhappy ending there. 

10:  One of my good friends played several years with Pryzbilla, whom I'd  assumed/thought was a little soft.  (The Tall White Center Stereotype.) My friend told me the opposite is true, and that he had some great stories.  Last night, I saw that.  Nice to have that Enforcer, as the champs did with Lucas.

10.  Since Fernandez arrived in Portland, are there any virgins left? You sure?

10.  I used to live in your city and had season ticket's in the world championship years.  Lived over by Lionel Hollin's place  They were great.  Your team is more fun to watch. 

Their big advantage was Walton's passing; those Blazers really ran a point center offense, with perfect compliments.  They couldn't shoot like your team; not even close.  Hollins, Davis and Twardzik would be lucky to hit 40% of their jumpers.  That team didn't have your athleticism, or depth.  But they had Walton, and in Bill's prime, you didn't need much more,

11.  This team is a gift.  Watching them makes me beam.








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