J. Quick, Hating on BRoy?

Jason Quick put up his votes and reasons last night for all of the end of the seasno awards.  And boy did he take some flack from Blazer fans, here were the major issues.


You have been chosen by the National Basketball Association to serve on a committee to vote for the All-NBA Team for the 2008-09 season. Please vote for the player at the position that he plays regularly. You can vote for five players on each of the three All-NBA teams. No ties may be awarded.
Five points will be awarded for a first team vote, three for second team and one for third team.

All-NBA First Team

F LeBron James
F Dirk Nowitzki
C Dwight Howard
G Dwyane Wade
G Kobe Bryant

All-NBA Second team

F-Carmelo Anthony
F-Chris Bosh
C-Yao Ming
G-Deron Williams
G-Chris Paul

All-NBA Third Team

F Pau Gasol
F Kevin Durant
C Shaquille O'Neal
G Chauncey Billups
G Brandon Roy

Quick admitted later on that putting Durant on the 3rd team ahead of Tim Duncan was a mistake that he corrected with the NBA, but he stood by his vote for Deron Williams on the Second team all nba, over our own BRoy.  Here is the money quote for me,

think most of you who follow my coverage of the team through The Oregonian, the Quick Chats on OregonLive and my segments on The Fan all know what I think of Roy. I think he is amazing. Exceptional. One of the best around.

I also happen to have as much respect for Deron Williams.

Now, there are a couple of factors that clouded my decision, which probably aren't fair, but as you all know, I'm pretty straightforward and not afraid to admit mistakes. I make them all the time.

First off, I will admit there was some extra caution in trying NOT to be a homer. I try to check myself throughout the year in whether I'm becoming biased toward a Blazers player, coach or front office personnel. Am I looking and evaluating these people as I would say, a person from the Lakers ... or Bucks ... or Nets? So yeah, there was probably an element - an element - of me not wanting to show favoritism toward Roy.

Second, I will admit that I probably allowed past performances to cloud my pick of Williams for second team. This honor, and vote, should be about this season.

But Williams won me over during the 2007 playoffs, when he led the Jazz to the Western Conference Finals while averaging 19.2 points and 8.6 assists. Then again, last season, he was brilliant in the playoffs, averaging 21.6 points and 10 assists in 12 playoff games. And he was an Olympian. All of that sticks with me when I think of him.

Personally I think this happens alot during these "popularity contests", um....I mean awards. Basically voters tend to reward players for previous years accomplishments, and us as fans do the same thing in the All-Star voting. But ofcourse when that happen these same, "experts" bash the fans for not picking that years all-star caliber players.  Quick gives more reasons so make sure you read his how argument.

The other main issue I have with Quick's votes, and many other fans too if you read the comments, is this,


You have been chosen by the National Basketball Association to serve on a committee to vote for the NBA Most Improved Player Award Presented by Kia Motors for the 2008-09 season.
This award is designed to honor an up-and-coming player who has made a dramatic improvement from the previous season or seasons. It is not intended to be given to a player who has made a "comeback."
Please vote for three players. Five points will be awarded for a first place vote, three for second and one for third.

1. Devin Harris New Jersey
2.Rajon Rondo Boston
3.Paul Millsap Utah

Basically I think Quick took the easy way out on his votes, he hasn't watch any bball except the Blazers and aparently his anti-homer radar won't let him vote for a Blazer even though Roy is very deserving. Quick gave no reasoning behind these picks in his follow up piece, so we can only speculate as to why he voted the way he did when somanyothers were able to clearly show why our own BRoy deserves very serious consideration for the award. 


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