Thank You Blazer's Edge...

Thank you Dave for spending so much time and energy on us. We are truly spoiled to have such an incredible online community where we can celebrate, respectfully disagree, speculate on transactions, ponder, and converse together. You are my Blogfather.


Thank you Ben for your hard work, your Media Row Reports, your unabashed mancrushes on various ballers (Durant, Wall...), and your kick pix. You're the man.


Thank you Lance Uppercut for starting it all.


Thank you Prez for being so awesome and warmly welcoming me here when i first got started. You have been kind to me since day one. I appreciate your constant positivity and your secret Pasti recipe that you shared with me. bon apetit.


Thank you broyposse for your endless optimism. It doesn't matter if we're down by 19 to the Spurs on the road, you keep tossing out those patented Woot Woots and help us all keep our chins up. Peace. Stay Cool. Forever!


Thank you hossticles for being so dank. You win my "Most Likely To Be A Friend Outside Of The Bedge" award. Big ups.


Thank you Norsktroll for your crazy blogging skills. Your posts are ridiculously interesting/packed with knowledge. They make me happy. Keep it up.


Thank you Mortimer/tominhawaii/92wastheyear/Lizzy Lowblow for the quick wits. I have loled countless times at your guys' posts. i love you.


Thank you AK1984/jksnake99/Timbo for your realistic/anti-homer perspectives. Sometimes we need to be brought back down to earth and you guys provide just that, even if we don't like it/want to hear it.


Thank you Cablinasian for your intelligent banter. You know your stuff and i always look for your posts first if i need to find out about playoff seeding/who to root for, etc...


Thank you Sabonis4Ever for introducing me to mybrute and for being rad in general. i love Arvydas and you.


Thank you DMKPDX for obvious reasons. I couldn't live without you.


Thank you MiledAnimal for your silly images.


Thank you amlmart1 for the foreign flair.


Thank you jscot for your (formerly)daily projection updates and for almost ruling the world.


Thank you #10 for the Nic Batum blog translations.


Thank you LaMarvelous for !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you Storyteller for your salary/contracts information. you are my hero. 


Thank you LetsBlaze for your incredible coverage of the Blazers (especially Shav) when they visit the south.


Thank you Sophia, twiggs, Section323, annthefan, jorga, Corvid, Claire, nightbluefruit, and any other female posters that i (surely) missed for kicking our testosterone-induced rants to the curb.


Thank you blazerbeliever97504 for the inspiration to write this fanpost.


Thank you Captain Obvious for being so good looking.


Obviously i can't thank EVERYONE for their amazing contributions to this amazing site so i'm just gonna make a list of shout-outs: Timmay!, Magnum, Blazermaniac Andy, johnv59, QualityPie, TheOdenator, raoulduke, maid tu rek (r.i.p.), tssbro, hurryup09, ifrclone, Nick Van Excellent, EngineerScotty, manzell, ryryslyry, courtsiderrandboy, bow4meow, T Darkstar, premthegrem, Yawnie, Gargen, Sexual Tyrannosaurus, as11osu, brandonmitchell, howlingfantods, NOWINE, iDea, FlyinSouth, joelor, The Tinfoil, The Penguin, haildablazer, Falcao, lanepete, Escrote, Y5k, ignacio, pxilpooshr, DonkeyShins, PTownJake, 50backflips, kartemax, The X-Man, PoliSam, socalblazer, nateinaloha, Sarbonis, MavetheGreat, tevisthe4th, Outlaw Is Rejector, kdfdawg, Portland89, blazers91, GreatOden'sRaven, Black84GTI, Jerb, WhiteRabbit, appel82, SabonisBonus, rockingharder, tweener, haildablazers, RenoBlazerFan, Blazer1342, jonestr, Idog1976, Planet29, idoltime, Garden of ODEN, GustyJ, sergioFTW, diskord, DNP (CD), torridjoe, robrun2, TimG, NEPBlazer4life, Krang, pklym, two4larue, Kitish, Salem Stephen, roynfernandez, Sandberg On Sports, twggyy, CatMan2, T$ 225, einman77, sagebru5h, upper left corner, Eat Politicians, LaoTzu, DaNoose, lazytrail, Philthyanimal, cloudydays, RipCityRoyCity, Tofu Anonymous, JTDuck22, tominrehab, sagcat, DrivetheLane, danevan, inroywetrust, Hulk, trk, southern oregon, Eventine, bforsythe, everett, shamman, Hookah_John, Zaron5551, torsoheap, Honka Playboy, Badalona Baddie, SpyderRyder, dario argento, In Walks Rudy, usmcr3049, ericande, Rudy4Three, L-TrainFTW!, SolGoode, usdblazerfan, o.c.blazerfan, Phizbin, bustabucket, JoeBlazer, keepfryealive, you'vegottomakeyourfreethrows, OCBlazerFan1, TallTimber, Jiggamant, DUCKinNY, collectiveshane, eyeotiger, JordanLeDoux, Blazersaurus, bmxnw, thomasikehara, 22baylor, LeafHawk, ArbyOSU, halfasiansensation, CroRupt, G_Dubs, Zaig, timg56, Royster, riccc_I, The Roybot, skywaker9, Blazer, pualo, Bskey, lee3022, hobobob, BlazersOrBust, Air Norv, two buck chuck, nima, faith, Devenex, cornplant, mittsabishy, hawkblogger, Screen Name, dpnim, parkinglotj, SloppyJoe, nuggz503, rivetz, jazzaholic17, TrentEdwardsHoF2018, rmcdougall, RipCity, bowdown, ratbastird, Bacne, kickbrass, douglast, Portland Dynasty, PDXBuckeye, dvcastle, StocktonNEP, mxpx5678, Bandwagon Butcher, Arby, cafe_civet, leeroyjenkins, dougall5505. Obviously there are still 100s of other users that help make this site the best NBA blog out there. I'm sorry if i missed you. shout me out in the comments! :)


 I just wanted to thank everyone for their contributions that have made my experience here so spectacular. Thank you Blazer's Edge and go Blazers!




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