What is travelling???

So I thought I knew.

I played b-ball in 8th grade, and I sometimes play pickup with my friends.

I know what 3 in the key is.

I understand the difference between a charge and a block. 

Backcourt violation, goaltending, jumpball...I understand all that.

I thought I knew. I really thought I did.

I mean you've got your pivot foot, and then you can move your other foot around so long as you have it planted. 

When driving to the rim, travelling doesn't exist if you are an all-star, and even if your not you get 2 steps before you jump, and then you have to get rid of the ball before you come back down.

I even read an article last week about how technically, by the rulebook, you never get two steps, but that as far as the officials association is concerned you do.

I know if you shuffle both your feet before you dribble, thats a travel.

But I just don't get it, not any more at least.

Ah Denver.

This wasn't the first time I got confused, having a DVR allows me to watch and rewatch these so called travels dozens of times looking for the violation.

Mostly Rudy was the victim, I think Trout had one called on him too.

4 or 5 just against Denver were called.

But what is a travel? When Rudy keeps his left foot planted, takes a jab step with his right and then starts his dribble (ball leaves his hand then he picks up the left foot) and takes off....where was the travel? Over. and over. and over. 

Now I know Rudy has often shuffled both his feet before dribbling, he has travelled, I won't lie here. But can you call a travel on someone when they don't travel, just because they have before? Is that a super special secret rule?

Tonight was a fun one. Rudy gets the ball on the move, (now, again I just read that ESPN article, it talked about catching the ball on the move) he catches the ball in stride, runs into the defender, loses the ball completely (no possession!) and then gets it back...boom, travel?? Offensive foul maybe, or blocking foul if you don't think he was set...but where was the travel?

Is there a Euro-travelling rule?

I have to imagine Rudy is continuously checking his Span-Eng dictionary to see what it is he is being called for because it isn't making any sense. How do you travel when you don't have the ball??? How do you travel when you are dribbling??

Someone, for the love of god, someone explain to me this "rule".



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