Houston, You Have A Problem...

Fear not, Blazermaniacs! This isn't about Gregory Wayne. It's not about Comcast. There's no scandal involved. Actually, this problem isn't even ours; it's Houstons.

I'd like to present to the forum evidence that strongly suggests why it will be Houston who collapses down the stretch.

I giveth you:

13 Games In 22 Days... DUM, DUM, DUM!!!


Please direct your attention to the March schedule for Houston below. Now be careful; what you're about to see may shock you.



I don't know what Houston ever did to David Stern and the League's schedule makers, but this is just severely brutal on so many levels:

  1. 13 games in 22 days
  2. No more than ONE day off in between any games throughout that time
  3. 3 back-to-backs, all of which are a home & an away game (NASTY!)
  4. 6 road games, including: Denver, New Orleans, San Antonio, Charlotte (before flying out that night for a game against San Antonio the next day and the 4th game in 6 days), and Utah TWICE!
  5. 7 home games, including San Antonio (after flying in from an away game the night before and the 5th game in 7 days), Toronto (before flying out for a game at Utah the next day... trap game?), a (rejuvinated?) Phoenix team, the F*kers, Detroit, Minnesota (before flying out to face San Antonio and Utah), and Memphis (before flying out for a game at Denver the next day and with the F*kers a couple days out, also the 1st of 5 games in 7 days... trap game?)
  6. No road trip or home stand longer than 2 games

That's 9 of the next 13 games against teams vying for a playoff spot (legitimately good teams). The only potential gimme's come with the caveat of stupidly difficult games ahead.

Is this the end of the line for Houston? Can they possibly hold on? Will Yao be able to stay fit? Can they muster even a 7-6 record? Is Houston doomed? Will the Trail Blazers make it to the postseason regardless of their own record just due to the jacked up nature of Houston's schedule? Vote... and let's discuss.

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