The Outlaw / Fernandez Dichotomy

So, call me the typical uneducated fan.

I had Sergio man-love during the JJ era and contine to have some now. In fact, I thought Surge played very well against Cleveland when he got in the game.

I've also been horrified by Outlaw on many occasions and was secretly hoping he'd get traded.

But here's the deal. When I look at the two players--Outlaw and Fernandez--for this season (and this season only!) I see this happening

1) The one player almost always makes the "smart" play, takes mostly open shots, makes the passes, and generally plays ball the "right" way. And he clangs bricks all over the place. He does not strike fear in the hearts of his adversary.

2) The othe player makes the "smart" play once per week. He takes the most insanely foolish shots this side of pop-a-shot. He makes fans and coaches and wannabe coaches alike all cringe with his shot selection, defensive rotation, and other basketball strategery. And he's dropping points in left and right. When he has the ball, you can just see the other team think "Oh my God what is he going to do NOW?!" That's fear.

I know everyone is always talking about Voltron point guards where we combine them into some kind of uber being. But I'm wanting that with the SF position. I want Rudy's brain inside Travis' body. As Rudy was clanging balls off the rim from wide open looks last night I kept thinking, Sweet Mary, imagine how many points Travis wuld score if he would just get open like that.

So the next game, I'm going to try and chart it out: wide open shots that Rudy misses versus contested/foolish shots that Travis makes.

I think the outcome will be telling.

(And I agree with JQ: Rudy really does get a free ride some times... but I gotta say, I love watching the guy. But I'm REALLY going to love watching Travis at the opponent's court absolutely driving the opposing teams' fans crazy. You think Outlaw drives us crazy? Imagine what it feels like to be on the other team and watch that stuff drop IN!)

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