Tony Luftman Drinking Game

I love my Blazers.  Watch (almost) every game.  Live in the valley, so can’t get DirecTV anymore, and it’s only OK because I get the Blazers on Comcast.  Which is awesome.  Love Mike, Mike and Rebecca.  Love to read Blazers edge, catch up on all the news, listen to Quick on the Game, listen to the Fan, read the Oregonian… 

So I want to revel in the highlights of Blazer victories on the post game shows (and, when they start out well, on the halftime highlights).  But Tony Luftman has made that very hard for me to enjoy.  Until tonight.  As any Comcast viewer will tell you, let’s just say that Tony has a fairly limited working vocabulary.  So tonite I invented the…

Tony Luftman Drinking Game!

Whenever Tony says any of his favorite clichés, yell it out, and if you are first, everybody else has to take a drink (if you’re watching yourself, drink, and try to keep track, and see if Tony can beat his old record – tonight was 22).  Feel free to track your own, but to get you started, here are:

Tony’s all-time favorite clichés:

“Very impressive”  (I counted 3 occurrences tonite, if you count ‘really’ impressive as one…)

“That’s fantastic” (only once tonight, but he’s as consistent with this as BRoy is for 20, 5 and 5…)

“Tell them what they’ve won Michael” – (I only counted twice tonite, but I swear the over/under is 4)

If that’s not enough celebration/diversion for you, you could always expand with any of Tony’s favorite words:

“partner” (3 times tonite, twice in less than 10 seconds, a new Luftman cliche record!),

“specTACular”  (another very consistent, LA jumper like, performer)

“rolls on”, “move on”, “cruising on”. “coasting”  (please, do what you say, Tony...)

“the Association” (OK, only twice tonight, but I just hate this one, and not from just Tony – I immediately punch to the Fan anytime CIP (Chump in Portland) says “a-SO----she-A-shun”…  gimme a break)

And of course, whenever you hear Tony say

“Back out to Mike, Mike, And Rebecca” – everybody CHUG and FILL, because we’re leaving Tony and returning to the Blazers game!

Hope this helps all Comcast viewers enjoy their game more…


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