Junk Drawer - 3/10/09 - Bringing the Pain Edition

I really did not want to write today’s Junk Drawer. I normally like to only have one post in the last 50. I just thought I needed to say a few things before I bring the pain.

I plan on breaking the least commented Junk Drawer record and the most commented Junk Drawer record. I am not sure how long it will take, what I am certain of, is that I will succeed. Before I attempt to break the records, I thought it would be prudent to throw down a few of ground rules.

Maybe this will need to be put to a vote. Here are the guidelines I propose:

  • To be eligible the Junk Drawer should be posted between 10:30 PM PST the prior evening and Noon PST. This will keep someone from posting a Junk Drawer at 11:30 PM at the end of the day to break the fewest comments record.
  • Official comments should close 72 hours after the Junk Drawer was published. This will keep an inflammatory comment posted in an old Junk Drawer from setting off a flame war and breaking the most commented Junk Drawer record.
  • "Updating" the Junk Drawer to keep it at the top and as a means to generate more comments should be discouraged. I do not think it should be outright against the rules because on the crazy days, there could be a need to update just to keep the Junk Drawer in the top 10.
  • No reccing your own Junk Drawer with alternate profiles. This probably cannot be tracked but I feel it grants integrity to the record and follows the spirit of fair competition.
  • Commenting in your own Junk Drawer is fine, but what should be discouraged is carrying on a conversation with yourself just to boost your comment total.

There might be some loopholes I left open. If you have other suggestions, please add them in the comment section and the Junk Drawer Advisory Committee will vote on any additions to the Junk Drawer Bylaws.

In the spirit of fair play, here are all the profiles I have: tominhawaii, Dragline, and DraftTylerHansbrough. I signed up for SergioFWB and did not renew it when SBNation changed formats. I also had RudyFTW but I lost it in a high stakes poker game to a fellow BEdger. I will most likely break both records with tominhawaii.

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