They mentioned me. :)


*comes back alive*


Yeah, I've been blogging about Blazers (and Bayless) since New Years and the win against Celtics so I'll put my OLD blogs up below (that makes perfect sense). oldest are at the bottom and go up to present.




edit #15: hornets vs blazers ~  MAGICAL. +JB & TO & JP

down twenty to winning the game.

edit #14: yeah okay i know i wrote "portland trail blazer blog" and not "jerryd bayless blog" so um. B. Roy is an all-star.

edit #13: holy fricking crap peoples, he added me on facebook!!!!!!!

edit #12: blazers lose to cavaliers. -insert collective sighs of blazer fans here-

and heh heh the featured rookie at the nba photostore is JB. i guess other people like to look at him too -hehheh-

edit #11:
Dear Jerryd,

Hi, my name is Gabby. I am a hugantic fan of yours. And I just wanted you to know that I've had faith in you since the beginning of your NBA career, I have faith in you now, and when you're an All-Star, I will have faith in you then too. Every time you enter a game, make a shot, or are just doing your thing on court, I go wild and I cheer even though you don't know it. I BELIEVE IN YOU!!! (My friends nag me about my "borderline of obsession" for you a lot; but whatever ~ you're still my favorite) . You are just so talented, and no matter what I'll always believe in you (well not no matter what cos I'll probably stop when you die). And take pictures of you on my phone.

edit #10: so i like lamarcus a lot. he is consistant. and he smiles big. *ding*
and i found out he plays the piano. and he is good.

win against bucks ~ whee o whee o whee

bowchicawowwowchicawowow   edit #9: YAHHHH. Win against Nets. WHEEEEEEEE.

edit #8: Tonight against Philly 76ers. Loss.
100-79. Whee. bayless was one of eleven field goals. ;D

edit #7: Nice game against Chicago Bulls tonight. Trailed quite a bit in first quarter, but they got it together with Oden pushing it & Travis Outlaw with 31 points. (bayless with 7 but the only person who cares is me obviously)

edit #6: Blazers win against Warriors. Aldridge with 26, Roy came back to save the day with 19.

edit #5: Game against warriors is in like 40 minutes.  Ehh. Um blazer unrelated: I had very bad dreams last night. I woke up like at the climax of my first scary dream and my stomach was all tied up in knots. :( And I kept being scared. But went back to sleep and had another equally scary dream. :( Poor Gabby, right? I haven't had a bad dream in years. Sorry I missed soup kitchen. I was recovering.

edit #4: Hopefully Roy will be back this Saturday for Warriors game. And I'm slightly scared cos we were ehhhh against them last time. Hmm. Um. Chicago Bulls game on the 12th will be on local. Not sure how we will do. But ~ I GET COMCAST SPORTS NETWORK STARTING THE 14TH SO I GET TO WATCH ALLLLLLL THE BLAZER GAMES IF I WANT. YAY. We're basically getting all the channels or something and it's cheaper too. But I'll have to memorize all the channels again cos it's all changed ahh. twhee.

edit #3: BLAZERS WIN AGAINST PISTONS w/o Roy again. 84-83 end. Twhee. J. Bayless with um, career high of 8 points. (:

edit #2: We lost Sunday to lakers. Uhm.  no Roy tho. I'M EXCITED FOR CAVALIER GAME!!

edit #1: And ugh I just found out the refs didn't call the blazers on having six players on the floor. oh well. And also Laker game Sunday. (& its on local TV!!) No comment. :)

first post:

hi. blazers beat defending world champs boston celtics dec30th. whoo. without brandon roy too cos he hurt himself. in the picture above is last year's MVP Paul Pierce, and JERRYD BAYLESS. {He is very attract- *AHEM* talented as you can see. (: Even tho he hardly ever plays, plus he keeps disappointing me; I still have faith in him (HE WILL BE AMAZING U JUST WAIT). He was the NBA summer league in Las Vegas' MVP, averaging 30 points a game there. So yeah, Jerryd Bayless FTW.} He scored 2 free throw points at Celtic game too, haha.

91-86 btw. This was a surprise cos last time we were down by 20 points for most of the game.

and also Ducks won the holiday bowl too. :*


Ok so I'm going to blog here about Blazer games.
Because I really like the Blazers. And yes, basketball, people.
Yay. Ducks are awesome too. Yes, football, people.
But they only have like 12 games or so every year.
And Blazers have at least 82. (PLAYOFFS?)

Why do I like to watch basketball? Because it makes me happy to see the blazers happy!
Anyway. Um. I love the current blazer roster so much. I will cry if someone leaves. But probably not too much for Randolph. I will bawl for Bayless cos I don't know how long his contract is. Hmm. The current active players are (and also some have nicknames which I call them sometimes):
Brandon Roy (B-Roy, Royster)
Steve Blake (Blakester)
Greg Oden (Olden)
Jerryd Bayless (J-Bay, JayBayBay ♥♥ - my favorite!! obviously but not obviously for some people)
Travis Outlaw ( :] )
Rudy Fernandez
Sergio Rodriguez (You just got SERGED!!)
Channing Frye (no comment)
Ike Diogo (I get mad at him a lot)
Joel Pryzbilla (the thrilla)
Martell Webster (injured)

I'll probably keep adding "edits". I made this starting from dec30th the celtic game. I had it on my AIM buddy info but I'm moving it here. sweet.  



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