What's going right?


Given the despair and hand-wringing following the loses to two of the most experienced teams in the league, it seems worthwhile to review some of the things that are going right this season. Below is a selection of statistics from nba.comJohn Hollinger's statistics, and Basketball Reference, indicating some of the Blazer accomplishments this season. Back in November Dave warned us that this year is for making the playoffs, not for winning a title, and to just enjoy the ride. These statistics show there has been quite a bit to enjoy.


Team Statistics:

Record: 5th best in the west (36-22) --

Point Differential: 7th best in the league (+3.64 pg) -

FG%: 7th best in the league (46.1%) -

3 Point%: 8th best in the league (38.0%) -

Rebounds per game Differential: 2nd best in the league (+4.96pg)

Offensive Efficiency: 2nd best in the league (110.1) -- hollinger

Turnover Rate: 5th best in the league (22.5%) -- hollinger

Offensive Rebound Rate: 1st, best in the league (32.5%) -- hollinger

Defensive Rebound Rate: 6th best in the league (75.0%) -- hollinger

Rebound Rate: 2nd best in the league (53.2%) -- hollinger

Effective FG %: 9th in the league (50.2%) -- hollinger

True Shooting %: 10th in the league (55.0%) -- hollinger


Individual Statistics, All Positions:

Field Goals: Roy 9th (439), Aldridge 10th (431) -- bb reference

3 Point FGs: Fernandez 11th (114) -- bb reference

3 Point %: Blake 19th (.423) -- bb reference

FT Made: Roy 17th (285) -- bb reference

FT Attempts: Roy 17th (346) -- bb reference

FT%: Fernandez 13th (.880) -- bb reference

Offensive Rebounds: Aldridge  9th (168) -- bb reference

Offensive Rebounding %: Aldridge 15th (9.6%) -- bb reference

Defensive Rebounds: Przybilla 20th (338) -- bb reference

Total Rebounds: Pryzbilla 20th (467) -- bb reference

Rebounds per game: Pryzbilla 20th (8.1) -- bb reference

Points: Roy 9th (1219) -- bb reference

PPG: Roy 8th (22.6) -- bb reference

Turnover %: Aldridge 4th (7.5%), Roy 13th (8.9%), Outlaw 14th (8.9%)


Individual Statistics, Point Guards:

PG FT%: Bayless, 20th in the league (.839) -- hollinger

PG True Shooting %: Blake 20th (55.4%) -- hollinger

PG Assist Ratio: Rodriguez 10th (36.1), blake 17th (30.8) -- hollinger

PG Turnover Ratio: Blake 10th (9.1%) -- hollinger

PG Offensive Rebounding Rate: Rodriguez 8th (3.9) -- hollinger

PG Rebound Rate: Rodriguez 19th (6.9) -- hollinger


Individual Statistics, Shooting Guards:

SG FT%: Fernandez 9th (88.0%) -- hollinger

SG True Shooting %: Fernandez 9th (.587), Roy 18th (.568) -- hollinger

SG Assist Ratio: Roy 15th (19.1) -- hollinger

SG Turnover Ratio: Roy 7th (7.2) -- hollinger

SG Offensive Rebounding Rate: Roy 5th (4.7), Fernandez 16th (3.5) -- hollinger

SG Rebounding Rate: Roy 18th (8.0) -- hollinger

SG PER: Roy 3rd (23.94), Fernandez 19th (15.58) -- hollinger


Individual Statistics, Small Forwards:

SF Turnover Ratio: Outlaw 13th (8.3) -- hollinger

SF Offensive Rebounding Rate: Batum 14th (5.9) -- hollinger


Individual Statistics, Power Forwards:

PF Turnover Ratio: Aldridge 2nd (6.8), Frye 7th (8.5) -- hollinger

PF PER: Aldridge 13th (18.81) -- hollinger


Individual Statistics, Centers:

C FG%: Pryzbilla 3rd (65.2%), Oden 13th (56.8%) -- hollinger

C True Shooting %: Pryzbilla 1st (66.7%), Oden 10th (60.0%) -- hollinger

C Offensive Rebounding Rate: Oden 1st (15.4), Pryzbilla 14th (12.0) -- hollinger

C Defensive Rebounding Rate: Pryzbilla 2nd (33.4), Oden 13th (24.3) -- hollinger

C Rebounding Rate: Pryzbilla 1st (22.4), Oden 6th (19.7) -- hollinger

C PER: Oden 12th (17.79) -- hollinger


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