Blazers Edge Makes International News + Rudy Dunk Preview?

The following article was printed in "La Voz de Galicia" on 1/22/2009, sans Links, which I've added. Definitely check out this Orlando Sanchez kid's dunk page. One of them might be a preview of Rudy's planned dunk...

The Djalminha cat they talk about sounds pretty cool too. He was like the Daryl Dawkins of Spanish soccer and nicknamed all his cool moves.



Djalminha Inspires Rudy Fernandez

The Trail Blazers' Spaniard prepares a dunk for the All Stars that translates the Brazilian's "la lambretta" to basketball.


Rudy Fernandez declared clearly and distinctly his chances to win the dunk contest of the NBA. The Spanish player, who a couple of days ago became the first European player they've made room for among the great dunkers of the North American league, was inspired by the former Deportivo player Djalminha to prepare carefully for the date of February 14th in Phoenix.

The soccer skills of Rudy (he played soccer intensely before finally stopping for basketball) and the famous lambretta, (with which Djalminha, on February 6, 2000, lifted Riazor (Note: nickname for Deportivo) up another level), forms the basis of one of the two dunks the Spaniard will offer at All Star Weekend.

The big secret guarded by Rudy was discovered by a fan of los Trail Blazers from Portland, who went to a team practice and saw how the Spanish guard mixed his soccer and jumping skills.

According to the creator of the blog Blazers (sic) Edge in Portland, this enigmatic creation has a name: Djalminha. Rudy wants to emulate the Brazilian player with his particular basketball translation of one of the most genius sequences of the former Deportivo player: where he lifts the ball behind his head and over an opponent and leaves the Real Madrid defense with their mouths open.

A stroke of genius that Djalminha dubbed "la lambretta". That afternoon, Deportivo, who two months later clinched the Liga title, stopped Madrid (5-2), but for Riazor it will always be the afternoon in which Djalma made the white defense look stupid (Note: Real Madrid is known as "los blancos", the whites).

With a similar maneuver, Rudy Fernandez thinks to surprise the All Star spectators, the only way that the energetic Spanish guard (an athlete of 1.97 meters and 84 kilos) can overcome players who are physically more potent, like Dwight Howard (Orlando Magic), the winner of the dunk contest last year and the best center in the NBA; Rudy Gay (Memphis Grizzlies); or Nate Robinson (New York Nicks), winner of the tournament in 2006.

Rudy exploited his imagination to have some option in a test in which not even his friend Pau Gasol has conceded some possibility, although he has offered his help if he finally finds a place on All Star Weekend.

In whatever form, Rudy Fernandez also may inspire the young wing of Hellin (EBA League) Orlando Sanchez, a player who has populated YouTube with his dunks, among them his interpretation of the famous lambretta.

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