Reason For Concern: The Last 7 Games

2/2: Porland 97 @ New Orleans 89

Offensive Efficiency: 114.1 (teams average 106.4 against NO)

Defensive Efficiency: 104.7 (NO averages 108.9)

This was a loss until Chris Paul went down.  The Hornets were scoring at will, and while the Blazers were playing well on offense, NO was getting more than enough stops to get a dominant win.  Portland deserves credit for the comeback, but this was still a concerning game, especially since despite the CP3 injury we still would have lost had it not been for a certain short-armed player who is currently out of the rotation.

2/4: Portland 99 @ Dallas 104

Offensive Efficiency: 110.0 (teams average 107.6 against Dallas)

Defensive Efficiency: 115.6 (Dallas averages 108.9)

Portland digs a big hole as Dallas slices and dices the Portland defense.  Portland makes a pretty good comeback effort but too little too late.  Our offense was pretty  good in this one but not good enough to make up for the D.

2/6: Portland 92 @ Oklahoma City 103

Offensive Efficiency: 103.3 (teams average 109.4 against OKC)

Defensive Efficiency: 113.3 (OKC averages 103.3)

This one was ugly on both ends.  No further comment.

2/8: New York 108 @ Portland 109

Offensive Efficiency: 122.5 (teams average 110.3 against NYK)

Defensive Efficiency: 121.3 (NYK averages 107.7)

There's no way we should have needed Roy to hit a buzzer beater in this one.  Its true that NY hit some tough shots, but our pick and roll D was an embarrassment.  For the most part our offense was good, but it went completely kaput during the Knicks' 37-7 run.  Lack of focus and discipline was evident in this one.

2/11: Oklahoma City 92 @ Portland 106

Offensive Efficiency: 116.1 (teams average 109.4 against OKC)

Defensive Efficiency: 101.1 (OKC averages 103.3)

A pretty decent effort by Portland.  Oklahoma City has been playing like a .500 team of late, and Portland won relatively comfortably.  OKC was on the tough LA-Portland back to back though, and it took the Blazers until the 4th to pull away.  Solid, nothing special.

2/12: Portland 98 @ Golden State 105

Offensive Efficiency: 103.2 (teams average 112.3 against GSW)

Defensive Efficiency: 110.5 (GSW averages 108.7)

Portland was on the 2nd half of a back to back, and looked the part.  The D was a pretty typical Portland effort-- not very good.  It was the offense that was frustrating in this one.  The O-Eff was certainly hurt by Maggette's flops, but it was still really bad-- way too many turnovers and nobody really showed up to help Roy.

2/18: Memphis 90 @ Portland 94

Offensive Efficiency: 106.8 (teams average 109.5 against Memphis)

Defensive Efficiency: 102.3 (Memphis averages 102.6)

Another really, really bad performance on both ends.  Memphis was on a back to back, and you could tell based on their poor shooting in the 2nd half, but Portland let them hang around all the way to the end.  The Grizz have 1 win on a back to back and 3 road wins all year. There's no doubt that having to use Frye at C hurt (rebounding was terrible when Joel was out), but that doesn't excuse the offense.  Roy was well defended in the 2nd half and struggled mightily.  LMA was off.  Our shooters were off.  We settled for bad shots.  It was ugly.  Again, the Grizz were on a back to back.  That can't be overstated.


I'm not saying the sky is falling.  I'm not advocating for drastic rotation changes (just a little more Bayless if Sergio is ineffective)-- getting Greg back will help a lot.  I am saying we need to make a move.  I'm also saying the players and coaching staff need to pick it up, or we're going to be a 7-8 seed at best.  Now that Phoenix is anything but mailing it in (we still need more evidence than 2 wins over the Clips, but it looks like they'll be dangerous), the playoffs aren't a guarentee.  I'm not satisfied with what I'm seeing right now.

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