The gods demand a sacrifice...ODEN MINUTES!


Que "Fanfare for the Common Man"

Up before Helios has mounted his chariot, I roll out of bed to the snap-crackle-pop of my joints. Age, that insidious tormentor is taunting me again but I will not yield. As I slowly uncoil my not so sleek frame I shuffle to the closet to don the apparel of the gods. My helmet, a red Blazer beanie as proof against the bitter, bitting cold. A chest plate of the Red & Black Fleece (cousin to the Golden Fleece), its majestic pinwheel a symbol of my allegiance. A simple pair of sweat pants is worn as a token of my humility and suffering. Finally, I slip into the shoes of the godess of victory, Nike. With each tug of my laces I pay hommage to the great warrior whose quest I go to undertake. I am at peace with my lack of worthiness, but I forge ahead nonetheless. As I pass through the gateway to my home I reach for the only true weapon at my disposal. A gift from Hercules, one of the Golden Apples of  Hesperides offers the Siren's song at my command. Inserting the buds into my soul, I take one last breath of warm air and walk out into the black abyss.

Knives made of ice pierce my lungs as the memory of warmth is slain. As I stumble from the buffet, I instinctively grasp the only weapon at hand. Quickly I dial the IPOD to a song from the past.

Que "Holding Out For A Hero" by Bonnie Tyler (ahh....the 80's)

As the Siren's call invades my soul, its elixir of youth restores my body and fierce determination. Slowly at first but with greater speed I launch myself into the darkness.

As I am overcome by The Song, I am shown visions of the past. Memories of great Blazer plays flash through my mind's eye to the beat of the song. Roy's Jordanesque move against Toronto, weaving in between players and going for the right handed layup but at the last moment switching to the left to avoid the block by Bosh. Aldridge running the floor for fast-break dunks. Rudy hitting a last second shot, stealing the inbounds pass and hitting a three at the buzzer. And of course Oden.

Memories and visions of Oden spark through my brain like lightning. So many highlight videos from high school and college. Potential was all it was. But I saw what could be. Glimpses of a future close enough to feel. Delayed. The torment in my soul aches with that thought and reminds me why I'm here. Onward I go. 48 minutes until glory.

As the songs meld from one to the next a new vision erupts in my mind. A vision of the future.

Que “Six Million Dollar Man Intro”.

Oh yea.

Stay strong Greg, I'll donate some minutes.




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