Trade Drawer Supreme

I know, I know, "save it for the trade drawer" but that drawer is full, and I'd love some discussion on this one, so I'm just gonna let it have its own filing cabinet. This is the Boozer trade that the whole league is expecting, as constructed by me. And of course, Portland benefits (from my POV).

4 Team Trade: Portland, Charlotte, Utah, Chicago

Portland Trades: Martell Webster, Travis Outlaw, Joel Pryzbilla, Steve Blake, Jeff Pendergraph

Portland Receives: Kirk Hinrich, Gerald Wallace, Kryrylo Fesenko

PG: Miler/Hinrich/Bayless/…Mills
SG: Roy/Rudy/Bayless
SF: Batum/Wallace/Roy
PF: LA/Dante/Wallace
C: Oden/Fesenko

Why This Works: I know that almost everybody’s 90 year old grandma will castrate me for trading Joel Pryzbilla, saying “he’s the only security we have for Greg Oden, and we’ll get screwed when he fouls out in the 2nd quarter!!!” But calm granny down, get her to put down her ‘skinnin blade’ and put in the hearing aids. With Portland receiving two (2){dos} capable perimeter defenders, the PRESSURE will be off of Greg. How many of his fouls come because of little point guards getting around their man and jumping into Oden? about 70% I’d say (without a real stat at hand). Hinrich is an excellent passer and legitimate 3 pt threat, and Wallace is a bruiser and a REBOUNDER!!!!! Fesenko can back Greg up with 15-20 minutes a game and we can go small with LA and Wallace/Dante on the block too. Getting rid of Troutlaw is a given, we lose him at the end of the season anywho. Basically, upgrade at PG, upgrade at SF, opens up time for Rudy & Bayless, and best of all, GO gets the perimeter help he really needs.

Charlotte Trades: Gerald Wallace

Charlotte Gets: Steve Blake, Joel Pryzbilla

PG: Blake/Felton/Augustine/Law
SG: Jackson/Henderson/Blake
SF: Diaw/Jackson/Brown
PF: Chandler/Diaw/Brown
C: Pryzbilla/Chandler/Mohammed/Diop/Ajinca

Why this works: Larry Brown needs a tough big man (cuz Chandler’s as soft as 7 footers come) and a veteran PG to run his offense. Ray Felton’s gone after this year, he’s too expensive, and he won’t bring anything in with a trade. If anybody wanted him, they would’ve gotten him as a free agent over the summer. Only problem with this is that the Bobcats get pretty thin on wing player with Wallace gone, but slide Chandler to the 4, Diaw to his natural position at 3, and you’ve got a pretty good lineup, which is more than I can say for them now.

Chicago Trades: Kirk Hinrich, Tyrus Thomas, John Salmons

Chicago Gets: Carlos Boozer, Martell Webster

PG: Rose/Pargo
SG: Webster/Hunter
SF: Deng/Webster/Johnson
PF: Boozer/Gibson/Johnson
C: Noah/Miller/James/Gray

Why this works: Do I need to go into depth? Boozer solves almost every problem for the Bulls. They can afford to shed Thomas with Taj Gibson doing so well, Hinrich is expendable with Pargo backing Rose up, and Salmons is really nothing special. He would fit in well with Utah’s balance offense. Getting Martell is just a bonus, and he provides the 3 point threat they’re missing with Gordon gone.

Utah Trades: Carlos Boozer, Kryrylo Fesenko

Utah Receives: Tyrus Thomas, Travis Outlaw, John Salmons, Jeff Pendergraph

PG: Williams/Maynor/Price
SG: Brewer/Salmons/Korver
SF: AK/Outlaw/Korver/Miles
PF: Millsap/Thomas/Outlaw/Pendergraph
C: Okur/Koufos

Why this works: They get something for Boozer. Almost enough said. They actually get plenty for Boozer, scoring from Salmons and Outlaw, rebounding from Thomas and Pendergraph. They had no defense to begin with from Boozer, but their strong perimeter D makes up for the lack of shot blocking power (Pendergraph could find a niche). Boozer’s gone come summertime, and probably to the Bulls anyway. Most importantly, Millsap gets his room to work.

I’d like some feedback on this, so hit me with your best shot

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