assuming no trades go down. the 2010-2011 blazers are in trouble

We could have a disaster on our hands. If we thought the chemistry on this team was bad at the beginning of this year-It's going to be a meltdown next year. Lets paint a little picture about what could be...there's 48 minutes in a year where do these minutes go? I elaborate on these things a little too much below...but the general idea is this...picture the first 15 games this year and the mess that was the throw in the fact that batum was out and that we didn't really know how to use bayless...

Guard-48x2 min (96)

Roy-He's getting paid max $. He's the best player on the team. He's getting at least 36-38 min a night

Rudy- Rudy is a tricky one (honestly with the coming of age of bayless- it pains me to say this- he might be one of the ones that will end up getting traded...but we're assuming no trades) I see him as a ticking bomb on this team...the minutes could be so few for him next year...i see him becoming really unhappy if his minutes are @ 15-17/game...I'd say to keep him on the level he's going to need 25-27 min./game

Bayless-Jbay and Rudy might just have to battle to the death for minutes...maybe rock paper scissors...Rudy is the smarter player as of now...he gets a lot of steals and he's better from long range...this being said-Bayless is the one we want on the court between the 2 of them...he has the potential to be the best player on this team...(I can already hear you guys-would it make you feel better if I said 1a?) Bayless has to get at least 25-27 min./game

miller- Miller doesn't seem to care about his minutes...i think he's happy he got the money he got. and he has a slight  interest in winning a championship...I could see him actually becoming the glue that would hold this whole mess together...he might work well in the 15-17 min/ game role (as an aside-do we really want to pay $7 mil./year for a 17 min. a game guy?)

blake-if blake doesn't get traded-I have no idea what happens to him in the offseason...If he doesn't move it means that nate and kp love him more than we ever that would have to mean they try to re-sign him right?  I'm not even going to imagine that's a possibility...I'm going to say he's off the team next season

patty mills-at this point he's the ultimate wild card...he looked incredible against team usa...good shooter...good scorer...don't know about his passing ability...but if he's plays for us like he did for the aussie's...he's going to need minutes...he'd be the starting pg no questions if he played the same...If he's only 80 percent of what he was for them he would have to get 15 min/ game


Lamarcus-I'm not totally sold on lamarcus...he's got to average 10 boards a game...don't really need to elaborate-portland loves loves him...nate loves him...he'll be getting the same as brandon...about 35-38/game


Batum-He's had glimpses of greatness...he plays hard...he plays smart...he's getting more aggressive and finding his own shot a little more...He needs at least  23-25 min/game

Travis-Another Nate crush...I'm sure he'll be resigned if not traded...assuming he does--22-24 min/game


Pendergraph-playing strong, but he's too much of a "we'll see" at this point...he'd have to get at least 8-10/game if he keeps it up

Martell-He's getting his shot right now...He's great in 5 minute stretches and then he disappears...and then he'll make a dunk or a great hustle play here and there...he'll need to become more consistent with these things to keep his min. next year...if he's more consistent he should get 17-19 min.

Cunningham-not really getting minutes NOW...there's no way he plays more than 20 minutes TOTAL next year...



Greg-Well who knows really...if he can keep those knees working...We will want him on the floor as much as possible...He would be on the same level as LA and broy if he could take case scenario 30-32 min/game

Joel - He'll play when Greg doesn't. At the least I think it's pretty safe to say these 3 guys will play all the center minutes.

Juwan-I see him coming back to play the same role next year...if he keeps up his play this year we might have to find a few minutes a game for him...

(To throw another element into our chemistry project...Victor Claver is playing really well in Europe this year...We could stash him for one more year...but if he's playing well....why would we not  bring him over?) 


This all adds up to about 290 minutes out of 240 possible. Something has to give. Just imagine the tweets.

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