Christmas Day Trade Drawer

As we look at trades right now, the goal should be filling in the gaps for this year and making the team better for the future. Other teams are looking to steal from us as they may feel we are desparate to make a move. We need to resist that type of deal and only do something that makes sense now and for the future.

This trade suggestion is based on the idea that the gap we need to fill is at Center. I think we can agree on that. In fact, it would be nice to add 2 big bodies. The biggest future need for this team is at backup PF. This trade would achieve both of those goals.

This suggestion involves us eating a bad contract in the deal. The assumption is that the other team wants to dump a bad contract and is willing to give up a young talent to achieve the cap space they want. There is no doubt that if they don't care about clearing space, this deal is dead in the water. I think we can agree that this team would like to clear cap space. Obvioiusly, if they can do it without losing a young talent they would opt that way. I'm more interested in your thoughts on whether you like the deal from the Blazers perspective. It's a little outside the box and many will hate it I suspect.

I think this deal works with the cap rules, but I'm sure you'll all correct me if it doesn't. Other players could be shuffled in to accomplish the same idea if it doesn't exactly work with the filler contracts.

Blazers trade:

Andre Miller, Travis Outlaw, Anthony Tolliver (signed for the rest of the year)


Blazers get from the Knicks:

Eddy Curry, Jordan Hill


Why for the Blazers? Miller doesn't seem to be the right fit for this team. We can use our one position with depth currently to help fill our current and future needs. People who don't want to see more Blake will prefer that Blake be in the deal instead of Miller. Great! Post your suggestions. Curry may not be worth much currently or he may be getting healthy. Who really knows? Hill is the key piece of the deal.

Why for the Knicks? They need to clear the cap space to get 2 max free agents this off-season. Outlaw's deal is expiring and they will need a veteran PG to put with their 2 acquisitions. They also may prefer Blake, but this is my trade suggestion. They can counter if they want. It will be hard to give up Hill, but they want the space for 2 guys and this should do it.

Tear it up with Christmas spirit guys!!!

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