Doing an old man's life - Rudy's Blog Translation

Rudy is back in Marca doing his blog, sharing a few insights on the new season now that he has time to reflect after the injury. The title is a translation of a Spanish idiom (vida de abuelo), don't know if it works in English, but you get the idea of what he's trying to say. Here's our favourite Mexican (besides amlmart1) after the jump!



Hi everyone. I'm starting the blog season calm and at home. Actually, too much "calm and at home".

Since I had surgery on my back I'm doing the life of an old man: strolling around, even around the court when my teammates train. I'm gonna talk with the docs to see if I can do a bit more, cause it ain't easy.

But I needed the surgery. I was in pain for so long that now it feels weird. It's amazing how the body gets used to the pain and how you notice it when you stop having it. It is possible that everything comes from that Ariza foul, because before that I'd had problems in my back, but never on this current part.

The day I had the definitive "attack" is worth being told. I was training, with pain as always, and in a screen I took a hit in which I noticed that something moved. I had trouble walking, but I went to the huddle. When I tried to get up, I couldn't straighten myself. I looked like the Notre Dame Hunchback, for real. Everyone was asking me what was up, and I almost couldn't answer. Then, I went to the game, and I told the doc that I could not play. I had an MRI and they realised I needed the surgery. 

A lot of people is asking why I played through the pain for so long. Well, the injury arrived at a tough time: I wasn't playing last season's minutes and I wanted to prove that I could do it. It was a strange situation, because I wasn't expecting the decrease in game minutes and for a player it's always hard to play some days a lot of minutes and almost none the next. But I guess my body said "enough". The only silver lining is that it's better now rather that at playoffs or with the Spanish team.

Having an injury is even worse far from Spain. The other serious one I had, my second year in the ACB with Joventut, I was at home, with my family and friends, and it's easier. Here it's more complicated, but now my mom is here and my dad is coming for Xmas. Right now, while I'm typing, she's making me a soup (purée). You gotta have vitamins...

Now that Sergio is not here anymore (and I really miss him, both inside and outside the court) I do almost everything with LMA. Before that it was the three of us, now it's only two. In the road trips we go out for lunch or dining...and I'm looking forward to go somewhere, with him or whoever, to stop doing this grandpa-like life.

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