Trade for the future?

This is my first post so be gentle, but I've been a reader for quite a while.  What I've been wondering is why people are already giving up on our future to try and win now?  We're still the envy of just about every team in the league when it comes to young talent.  People are writing Oden off like he blew his knee out and will never recover... There was no ligament damage and bone heals (occasionally it heals and is actually stronger at the point of fracture than before).  Yes, we can't plan on him playing for 82 games a year, but that's a problem with many big men and we can still afford to count him as a pillar of the franchise because we're not requiring him to be our superstar (that's Brandon's job... which he isn't doing a great job of so far this season, but hopefully he'll pick it up).

A lot of people seem to be panicking and trying to trade young guys for veterans who will be past their prime by the time our championship window really opens.  I'm in the other camp.  I think we should treat this season as a lost season and try to grow as a team (while trading to improve our position in the future).  One of the fanshots posted today talks about how Anthony Randolph is on the block (I don't know why Golden State would ever consider trading away a guy that has Durant-esque potential, but if they don't like him why not try to capitalize?)

Here's a trade I thought of which brings in not only Randolph, but another young guy whose team doesn't like him that could really help us solve our PG issue in the future (Mike Conley, so long as KP can get over his grudge with Memphis after the whole Darius Miles fiasco):

Blazers give up:  Outlaw, Bayless, Miller, Dante

Blazers get:  Conley, Randolph, Speedy Claxton (filler to make the contracts work)

Grizzlies give up:  Conley, Dorell Arthur (another filler to make the contracts work)

Grizzlies get:  Outlaw, Bayless

Warriors give up:  Randolph, Speedy Claxton

Warriors get:  Dante Cunningham, Miller

Other ways to do the trade - Webster or Rudy could be swapped with guys like Cunningham or Bayless depending on what the other teams want, but this is my ideal trade situation.


Why we do it - The Blazers would get our point guard of the future in Conley.  He can play off of Roy as he's a solid shooter from distance, but can also get to the rim, pass, and guard the fastest PGs in the league, fitting our system perfectly.  Plus, he knows how to play with Oden better than just about anyone on Earth.  We also get Randolph, who is dripping with potential and could end up as either our starting SF (if he reaches his superstar potential) or a phenomenal backup SF/PF depending on how he and Batum's development shake out.

Why the Grizzlies do it - They've been unhappy with the passiveness in Conley's play lately and have been saying for a while that they want Mayo to play more PG.  Getting Bayless gives them a player who definitely is not passive has the potential to be a great combo guard to play off Mayo (Mayo plays point on offense and guards the opposing SG and JBay guards the opposing PG).  They also get Outlaw as insurance if Gay leaves this year, and if Gay stays, Outlaw provides an excellent 6th man for them or an expiring contract to help the always struggling Grizzlies save money.

Why the Warriors do it - Because their front office is just silly sometimes?  But seriously, they get a true PG that knows how to run their fast-paced offense, allowing Nelly to not have to play young Curry there anymore.  They also get a good young SF/PF in Cunningham and some more size from Dorell Arthur.

Justification for why we give up the guys I know you all love:  The coaches aren't playing Bayless... we know he's good, but he's not a good fit for our system.  If you love him, set him free.  The Inferno is sick... but you gotta give something to get something and I'd rather give him up than Rudy, who is just too clutch to part with and could be our Ginobli.  Miller is too old to fit our championship window.  Outlaw is pretty much gone this year anyways.


Blazers rotation after trade:

PG - Conley/Blake/Rudy... Claxton (who we do not resign next year)

SG - Roy/Rudy

SF - Batum (next year)/Webster/Randolph/Rudy

PF - Aldridge/Randolph

C - Oden (next year)/Pryz/Aldridge/Randolph

Does this seem like we'd be giving up too much?  Too little?

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