Blazer Center stats

In taking a look at some of the stats for the Blazer centers it is easy to see why this position is turning into such an advantage every night.

Rebounds per 48 mins.  Don't read to much into the numbers but it shows who is grabbing rebounds while they are on the floor.  When you think about the pace that the blazers play at this becomes even more impressive.  Think of how many rebounds these guys would average for a run and gun team.


J. Przybilla, POR<!--DMMplayerTeam = por--> 16 19.6 18.2
J. Noah, CHI<!--DMMplayerTeam = chi--> 13 33.4 17.1
D. Howard, ORL<!--DMMplayerTeam = orl--> 14 31.2 17
G. Oden, POR<!--DMMplayerTeam = por--> 16 24.4 16.5
E. Okafor, NOR<!--DMMplayerTeam = nor--> 15 29.7 15.7
B. Haywood, WAS<!--DMMplayerTeam = was--> 13 33.2 15.6
J. Boone, NJN<!--DMMplayerTeam = njn--> 14 17.9 15.6
R. Hibbert, IND<!--DMMplayerTeam = ind--> 12 25.3 14.8
C. Andersen, DEN<!--DMMplayerTeam = den--> 13 21.7 14.8


Same thing on the blocks.  Look at the rate they block shoots while on the floor.  Think this has anything to do with having the top ranked defense in the league?  Nic get better soon and think what he will be able to add. 


Greg Oden, POR 16 24.4 4.55
Erick Dampier, DAL 9 27 3.95
Kendrick Perkins, BOS 14 26.6 3.73
Joel Przybilla, POR 16 19.6 3.68
Roy Hibbert, IND 12 25.3 3.63
Brook Lopez, NJN 14 35 3.62
Samuel Dalembert, PHI 14 22.9 3.3


This last section shows just how hard that Greg worked on the offensive side of the game this summer.  He is still going with mostly the power move but I find myself no long fearing the ball going to Greg but wonder just how he is going to dunk it on his man.  Funny how over the last week or so I am not yelling at the TV telling Greg to watch those guard and not bring the ball down.  And who doesn't love a guy who gets dunked on and then calls for the ball in the post.  Those are the kids of players that can rise to a challenge.

FT %

Andrea Bargnani, TOR 89.796
Mehmet Okur, UTH 89.655
Spencer Hawes, SAC 88.462
Brad Miller, CHI 79.545
Greg Oden, POR 79.07
Brook Lopez, NJN 78.788
Andrew Bynum, LAL 76.667
Zaza Pachulia, ATL 75.758

Shooting %

G. Oden, POR 64%
M. Gasol, MEM 63%
D. Howard, ORL 63%
N. Hilario, DEN 60%
K. Perkins, BOS 59%
A. Bynum, LAL 58%
A. Horford, ATL 57%
J. O'Neal, MIA 57%
A. Bogut, MIL 57%
J. Noah, CHI 56%

Finally Greg has some nice state from 

I think the big one to look at here is the opponents products at center when he is on the floor.  A nice little 9 to his own 22.8 he is dominating other centers.  I was even more surprised to see Websters numbers but that is for another post.  Maybe someone can explain to me how poor Joel's numbers are in this area.  I don't get the felling he is being dominated like that but could be that he is helping so much on D that his man gets some easy put backs when the other players don't help on his man.


  Production On Court/Off Court Simple
Player Min Own Opp Net On Off Net Rating
 Oden 50% 22.8 9 13.7 8.8 5.3 3.5 9.7
 Webster 42% 14.4 3.3 11 10.8 4.4 6.3 9.1
 Roy 75% 20.6 13.2 7.4 8.3 3.2 5.1 6.5
 Blake 63% 11.5 12.1 -0.6 11.7 -0.7 12.4 4.6
 Outlaw 32% 16.4 13.3 3.1 8.1 6.6 1.5 2.5
 Miller 58% 14.7 14.7 0 7.4 6.6 0.8 0.3
 Aldridge 66% 18.7 19.7 -0.9 6.9 7.4 -0.4 -0.7
 Fernandez 49% 17.7 11.5 6.1 1 12.9 -11.9 -1.1
 Przybilla 41% 14.6 21.3 -6.8 6.8 7.3 -0.5 -4.2

It will be interesting to see if Greg's numbers continue to translate as he gets more minutes and we start to play some better team. 

On this day before Thanksgiving I am thankful that Bill Bano spent some time in Columbus this summer.

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