Did the 3-guard lineup really fail ?

All of this talk by Brandon, McMillian and other Blazer affiliates really has us believing that the 3-guard lineup needed to be changed after the Warriors game. I don't know if its been that long, but I'd like to remind all of you that it was this Blake-Roy-Martell-LA-Oden lineup that got us to a 2-3 record at the begining of the season... and then injecting Miller into the lineup must have stimulated something in our team, as we suddenly got off to a 6 game winning streak... slightly attributed to a series of weaker opponent, but nontheless impressive to see as Portland finished 4-1 on the road, breaking away from the habits of last season when we looked like a different team on the road. This winning streak was followed by another loss to Atlanta, which although was dissapointing, I would still blame it on fatigue.

The team was looking great so far, and everything was dandy. Except that one star guard was feeling a bit out of position and was no longer gonna be quiet about the matter.

And then we lost to the warriors.. a change had to come, and changing the lineup was an option. But who would've known that after witnessing how Miller can single-handedly impact the ball movement of our team, we would once again resort to habits of old ? Blake was not performing well, neither was Brandon, so Miller was indirectly blammed. Did Nate even think about inserting Rudy into the lineup ?

A lineup of Miller-Rudy-Roy-LA-Oden with (Roy and Rudy switching between the 2 and 3 a possibility) would give us:

-A wing that can play off the ball and cause some movement, thus resulting in openings on offense, all while beeing a 3 point threat and performing well on defense

-A point guard that can distributed the ball and create his own offense, all while having the ability to penetrate and draw out fouls

The first catters to Roy's needs... what Blake does, Rudy can do AND MORE! Its only a matter of playing time.. once these two start together, their synergy could increase, and we've all heard the stats of how effective lineups with Rudy and Roy are.

The 2nd gives us an alternative ball handler in Miller, that can give our bigs the ball when we need it.

All in all this results in a lineup that would work well in theory. Its only a matter of time and losses until we all realize once again that Blake will never be the solution to our problems, no matter how much Roy pleads it.

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