Just Another Junk In The Wall:  11-18-09


The original intent

This post was an idea I had many moons ago to give a shout out to the JD crowd.

I didn’t mean to leave any junkers out, but this avatar collage is from about 2 or 3 recent JD posts, and I’ve seen several additional avatars since I put this together.


The Current Mood

Since that time, multiple fanposting has been a recent topic.


Some have suggested that a JD pushing good posts to the bottom is the same as someone putting up 3 posts in a 24 hour period, and pushing good posts to the bottom.

This is a thought that should be considered, since it would definitely be a double standard for a hardcore JD’er to criticize (albeit even if constructive criticism) others about multiple posts.


I have posted in another thread a couple comments why I don’t feel the JD is on par with multiple fanposts. Rather than reposting those arguments, I will just make one more solid argument in defense of the JD at this time.
PPLLFFFFFTTHHPPPPHHHLLLLPPP (Think “All In The Family”. Archie, with just oh so little tongue sticking out making the infamous fart noise. The end all of every debate, because no one yet has been able to refute it)


Seriously though, I have thought about it – here’s my final answer.

I think the JD in general represents far more than what is pictured here, but let me say this, when the above 75 people put up 3 posts in a 24 hour period (JD or otherwise), then I’ll buy into the argument that a JD is on par with multi-posting. YES THAT’S RIGHT, 225 JD POSTS IN A 24 HOUR PERIOD.


Waxing philosophical

I thought the Junk Drawer was a silly idea when I first came to BE. But now I realize it’s more like my house. SO firing up the BBQ in the backyard, tih pooping the dog in the frontyard, Roybot thumbing through the photo album, prez won’t come out of the bathroom, etc. etc. and all the while many things are discussed, basketball and other, but the next game is on in an hour and that’s what we’re waiting for.


How many times has cablinasian (and many others) waltzed into the JD and said, "I want to talk basketball." I really wish cablinasian would do the Tango once in awhile....uh, not sure why I said that. To go OT (even though it be basketball) is frowned upon in someone else’s basketball post. Not to mention the breaking non-Blazer related basketball news that is often posted in the JD, where should most of that be posted if not in the JD. So one could very well argue that the JD prevents rabid fanpost delirium by virtue of the fact that many OT topics would find their way to the sidebar, as many already do.


To say "Did you even watch the game" could be close to a ban offense outside the JD, it’s friendly banter in here. Yes, I must say, I love the casual, nonchalant, carefree attitude that usually runs through the JD thread. Getting to know Blazer fans in the JD environment has been one of the most satisfying aspects of joining BE to me. And quite frankly, I thought I’d never say that. And one more thing, PPLLFFFFFTTHHPPPPHHHLLLLPPP

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