Actually Serious: Bayless as #2 PG???


Premise: Miller, Roy, Webster, LMA, Oden...all see huge amounts of time together on the court this year...if that's true... Bayless as #2 PG actually going to help our 2nd unit/TEAM more than Blake?

...or at the very least help our second unit at certain parts of the game even if Blake is healthy

First off, I recognize after one decent outing, this starting lineup may not last, but for the sake of current argument, let's just admit its at least possible that unit does, essentially, at its core see large amounts of time together this year...

...and that Miller ends up playing about 35 minutes per game during "tight" contests this year...if that does happen (if you feel there is no chance of that, I'd like to hear your thoughts as well, but it seems like a distinct possibility)...

...*then seriously, couldn't Bayless end up helping our bench more than Blake this year???*

1st: *It doesn't seem Blake, Rudy, Batum/Webster, Outlaw/LMA, & Pryz is a great "mesh"* I recognize Rudy wasn't feeling too well last night, but we still looked anemic, from what I hear :) ...and should this surprise us in the future, even with a healthy Rudy? It "seems" that a Blake/Rudy backcourt just doesn't have any defense whatsoever, and it *also seems that the lack of a penetrator really hinders both Blakes and Rudy's strenths while playing together...*...I won't elaborate on this point further, suffice to say that seems like it could be a major flaw, and it seems pretty obvious...


2nd: I recognize, I DO, that the Blazers have some flexibility in using their players, and that they don't have to swing a 2nd unit lineup this way...but if Miller & Roy end up "jiving"...then leaving LMA as the dude with the subs (like we did a lot last year) a distinct possibility...and could also benefit the team by helping give LMA the touches he deserves this year...

3rd: *Notice, I said help our 2nd unit/team* -- By this I mean it seems Bayless driving ability, very likely better defense than Blake by midseason if he gets PT regularly, and possibility of a weakness from last year still manifesting itself (sub-par 3's)...match wonderfully with Rudy's "lights out" 3 pt shooting and "weak" defense...and that with Blake's weakness in playing with Rudy, it seems possible that Bayless might actually help that 2nd unit out more, *at least* by midseason, with some regular playing time...even with all of Rex's flaws...


....additionally, I mean that this could very easily set Bayless up in a position to be successful while he's on the court, without hurting our overall record this year too much at all...Bayless on that 2nd unit quite a bit might even help us *this* year because even if it costs us a couple of wins (and I can't say I'm convinced that's a 100% possibility, depending on how well Rex plays (and that's debateable), and depending on how its managed by Nate...), it seems the development of Bayless in it might help us come playoff time, and ultimately be worth it this year...

...and finally, with some regular minutes, *and this point can not be understated,* it could help Bayless's *longterm development as a player with the Blazers* When you factor in everything else, this cannot be understated...Miller will be 34 by mid-season...Blake isn't getting any better, I think he's 30 as well, and he's a FA this year...

...I haven't watched any preseason yet this year, so I'm not asserting, so much as looking for some insight on this topic..but when you factor in all of these points...*is it possible playing J-Bay on the 2nd unit, might be a possibility this year, based on the overall logic for overall benefit towards the Blazers?*

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