Road trip wrap up with pictures


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It's taken a while to get back to this - wife, kids, business, farm - ya know - things can suck up your time...but I thought it time to get back and put a few more pictures up ... I guss I'll be sprinkling them out here for awhile - - I had nearly 600 when I was done - don't know if I'll ever get through them all myself even - - but I've tried to frame the story with this.

I charted my early day game day in Charlotte- - hanging at the hotel, watching the team get ready. .in a previous post...  thought I'd start with the trip over to the arena and some gametime shots.  The first pic is the guy that was behind the desk at the Days Inn where I stayed ... great guy - -the real reason for the picture was the great fun everyone was having in the lobby watching food channel. The synchronicity with our recent junkdrawer was startling.

         3223313594_73797e5874_m_medium  3222458963_d692fb8b5d_m_medium

I walked to the arena .. .took some pics of local clubs and architecture to give a feel for Charlotte - - lovely town, nice people, great atmosphere around town - - even after being crushed by the banking debacle 0f 2008, there were vibrant signs of resilience.


  3222459249_8a311fb5ba_m_medium   3223313282_596ef25878_m_medium

They have their practice facility built right into the arena and all glassed open - -

The dancers were out meeting people as you came in - signing propgrams and such - the girl with the curly hair was in charge of promotions - -

3222459497_f6159f6d32_m_medium   3223315304_e7731c8dd9_m_medium

 3223448228_12ff3f431f_m_medium   3223314882_7496c3301d_m_medium
our Few, our Proud were there. I can love the boys and not the mission. Hopefully the new commander-in-chief will have better discretion. I've put post game pictures up already . .


Timeout or Not???




I've included one from the Stache collection for you Northwesterers..he looked like he has put on some muscle and lost a bunch of hair probably a net neutral in total wieght...guess there's only so many endorsements available for the hippie burner look..."like, dude. check out these SUNGLASSES, man...they're like....awesome!!"



 Then a couple of action shots: the first Greg Vs Charlotte


And a couple of late game Roy manuevers..




Complete RoadTrip SlideShow

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