Help Wanted! UPDATED: Help Obtained!

UPDATE: First off, thanks for all the advice everybody!

The Blazers sent me an e-mail and they've got two post-game passes in my name for after the San Antonio game. My wish has come true! w00t!

I think that this really shows a focus on the fans from the organization. I mean, I'm not a sick kid or a season ticket holder or a celebrity, I'm just a fan. The Blazers don't get any free publicity (other than that which I am giving them here) or anything for their kindness, just my eternal gratitude.

So Larry Miller, KP, or any other member of the Blazers' front office, if you are reading this, Thank You. I can truly say there is never a team I have wanted to meet more than this Blazer team this season. While it would have rocked my world to meet Clyde and Terry and the gang in the '90's, I have endured a rebuilding and I have watched this team take shape through every team and draft. I've watched this team grow and I am very proud of what the organization has done. This team is special.

Again, thank you very much and see you in San Antonio!





As most of you know, I am a huge Blazers fan, thus why I post on here.

One of my fondest memories is the one and only time I got to go see the Blazers play at the Rose garden. They lost to the Warriors, but it was a lot of fun.


Last year, I got ticketts to watch the Blazers play the Hawks in Atlanta. I tried to make contact with the Blazers organization to see if there is any way I could meet any of the staff or coaches. I e-mailed the Blazers and left a post on Barretts Blog. No answer.

So I drove several hours from Tennessee to Atlanta and watched Travis Outlaw sink that buzzerbeater in real time. I tried to see if there was any way to meet the team, but I couldn't find a way to do so. I did, however, meet up with Eric Millegan (a big Blazers fan) who had way better seats then me, so I got to see the guys pretty close. Surreal.


Anyhow, I'm in San Antonio now and I've got ticketts to the game on feb 25th. I'd love to meet some of the players. I don't even care about autographs and pictures, I just want to meet them and tell them that I appriceate their work and hope they do well.

So how can I make this happen? Who do I call or write to? Do I need to hold up a sign? I see that some of the B'Edgers have gotten pics with the team, how did you do it?

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