A Memory of Clyde the Glide

As Blazer fans we have been through a lot over the last several years.  Some ups, but mostly downs....until the last few years that is.  The Blazer Organization has successfully pulled itself out of the "pits of despair" and scratched and clawed itself back to the once proud franchise that it was.  I love being a Blazer Fan again.  

The Blazers are once again a classy franchise.  We have players that we enjoy rooting for, and never have to make excuses for any off court antics.  They are a breath of fresh air.  The current team is made up of a bunch of good guys, and they can flat out play!  It's always nice to have that combination.  We have seen the other combo, and we didn't like it.

Anyway, I wanted to share a memory of the Blazers that goes back to my childhood in the early 90's.  I was 15 or 16...can't remember which.  My Mom read in the paper that  Clyde and Buck were going to be at the Payless Drug Store in Gresham signing autographs for several hours.  My Mom is just as big a fan as I am, so she decided to drive my brother and I over and endure the long lines with us.

When we arrived, the line was so long you could not even see Payless.  It wrapped around several blocks and came to an end about a quarter of a mile away.  We grabbed our place in line and prepared for the long haul.  Several hours later (5, I believe) we finally made it to the back door of Payless.  Just as we were about to walk through, a couple of employees came to the doors and announced that they were closing down, and no additional people would be allowed through the doors.  My brother and I were heart broken!  5 hours of waiting for nothing!  As I was pondering this, my mother grabbed my brother and I and pushed us through the door  as the employees were trying to shut it.  They said something to my Mom, but she yelled back, "My kids have been waiting for 5 hours, they are going to see Clyde!"  I guess the employees recoginized the determination in my Mom's voice.....they let us through.  I was sooooo proud of my Mom that day!

Once inside, we waited in line for a few more minutes.  The line split off, one going to Clyde and the other going to Buck.  My brother and I wanted autographs from both of these Blazer Icons, so we (well, I actually decided...I'm older) that I would go in Clyde's line and my brother would go in Buck's.

When my time finally came, I found that I was less interested in the autograph, and more interested in meeting Clyde.  I stuck out my hand.....Clyde put down is marker and grasped mine.  He looked me in the eye, shook my hand, and thanked me for coming.  I'm not one to get "star struck", but I was that day.  Clyde gave me his autograph, and I was on my way.

When we got home that night we turned on the news and found that Clyde was being interviewed.  Clyde told the reporter that he enjoys coming out and signing autographs for fans.  He then said that what really made it all worth while was when a fan wanted to shake his hand.....when a fan was there to meet him, and not just get his autograph.  I, of course figured he was speaking about me specifically (I was 15....can you blame me?).  

Anyway, my point is this....the current Blazer roster is full of guys with character...very much like our beloved Blazers of the early 90's.  When my kid gets old enough (she is currently 2), I will take her to a Blazer autograph signing and wait for as long as it takes.  Just like my Mom did with me and my brother.  These guys are worth the wait.

I'll bet there are a lot of similar stories to mine out there.  Let's hear them!

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