Deng and Hinrich?  Yes.

I was trolling over at blogabull and i noticed a trade mentioned in the fanposts and I thought I'd share it with BE readers for one reason alone:  I fully support it.

From the post, the author quoted something from a Chad Ford chat:

Jake (Israel): Lovin the chats Chad. How seriously does the Darius Miles situation affect the Blazers? assuming he plays two more games.

SportsNation Chad Ford: Seriously, which is why the Blazers ended up making that desperate, pathetic threat over the weekend. The plan was to be a major player in the free agent market this summer. While the Blazers will still have room this summer, their better bet, now, is to use Raef LaFrentz's expiring contract (which is really a sweet deal since insurance picks up 80 percent of his salary) and some of his young talent to try to get another big piece or two. Ideally they'd to get a franchise point guard and they need a small forward. There's been interest in Mike Conley and I know they love Luol Deng. All in all, expect the Blazers to be very proactive at the trade deadline. It's the best chance of landing another impact player.

and then goes on to explain his proposal:

... if the Bulls are going to deal Deng this year, it has to be for an expiring contract and some young talent.  He's not a superstar, but he could be an All-Star down the line, so there has to be some return on their investment there.  Here's the second trade I'd propose.  The Bulls send out Hinrich and Deng and receive back Raef LaFrentz's extremely nice expiring where the insurance pays most of the last year of the deal (sure to entice cheapskate Reinsdorf), Rudy Fernandez (a very good young player on an extremely nice deal), Nicholas Batum (an up and comer at SF who is only 20 and is already a very good defender), and Sergio Garcia Rodriguez (Spanish comrade to Rudy and scrappy backup PG to work in behind Rose sometimes and let's be honest, salary filler).  I'm not sure the Blazers would do this, but they need to consolidate some of that young talent and a Roy / Hinrich starting backcourt would be a great fit and Deng would be perfect out there on the wing for them and they have interest.  Any lurking Blazers fan let me know how plausible this deal actually is, in your view.

The trade would bring in:

Luol Deng

Kirk Hinrich


We would give up:





First of all, I wouldn't want to see rudy or batum go.  I think there has to be a way to make this trade work without them.  Could we throw in Outlaw and Blake instead, or does that make it less attractive to the Bulls?  Maybe they would prefer something like that in order to keep their roster from returning to the baby bulls stage.  I wouldn't do this trade if both of them are involved, but i'd give it serious consideration if we only had to give up one of them.  We're gonna have to give something up to get anything back.

How about giving up:





Who knows.

Anyway, this trade is more interesting because of the players that are potentially being sent over here.  Everyone knows that our deficiencies are at PG and SF.  How many opportunities are we going to have to address both of these concerns without giving up a major piece of our team?

Deng is an upgrade at SF.  In a lot of ways I think he's the ideal candidate for the job, because he's extremely talented but hasn't shown that he's capable of putting a team on his back.  We need a guy that fits in with everything more than we need everything to fit in with him.

Everyone at BE seemed to be impressed with Hinrich after the last game against the bulls.  At this point, i don't see us getting a d harris, cp3, or williams.  We don't need an all star at every position.

The free agent situation wasn't what it was a month ago, so I think that a trade is going to be our bread and butter to finding that last piece to this team.

Finally, in the thread, people were mentioning our team's window of opportunity.  Obviously, our championship window is a couple of seasons away, but what about our window to acquire the right pieces?  I don't see a better opportunity coming up down the road, so I would tell KP.  Hinrich and Deng are our guys.  go get 'em.

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