Questions about motives...with poll

There has been alot of discussion of the reaction to letter. The possible cap implications and of course speculation on the motives on the part of the Blazers and Darius Miles. I would like to devote this thread to just hashing out what people think was the motivation for the Blazers and for Daruis. I will start with my personal opinion, which is only that, my personal opinion based purely on the nothing but some neurons firing ever so slightly in my brain. It is just that as really probably only Darius, his agent and the Blazers Front Office really will ever know their motivations.

Motivations for Darius:

I don’t think it was a master plan at all. I think Darius knew he would make the money either way and was enjoying raking in millions and doing nothing. When the team started to look better with the addition of Oden I think Darius felt he would give a token effort. He certainly isn’t the training beast that Bayless, Oden or even Z-bo is but it didn’t seem like he was trying super hard.

It’s possible Darius or his agent want to hurt Portland but I think it’s more likely they are both simply greedy. If Darius had wanted to play so bad and that is his primary motivation, to play in the NBA, he would have worked harder during his recovery in Portland.

Motivations for the Blazers:

I think that if Darius could have played as well as he did in his last Memphis game the Blazers wouldn’t have sought to seek medical retirement. I think they would have opted to buy him out or trade him as an expiring contract for the ever-hot LeBron lovefest Free Agency summer of 2010. His contract would be valuable something I'm sure KP and Penn were aware of. Darius did not recover enough to play ball and so Medical Retirement seemed the best option. Darius hadn’t done enough to recover at that point and his knee was and is something that could go at any time according to two doctors. Once he was "retired" I think Darius ego may have been hurt or it might just have been his agent’s voice in his ear. Regardless, Darius magically became very motivated once either his ego was hurt by the retirement or he thought he could make more money.

I don’t think there are conspiracies on either side to either a) force a retirement that wasn’t warranted (Independent doctor) or b) that Darius and his agent planned in advance to double dip and hurt Portland. Once the double dip was possible they decided, hey lets get a few hundred thousand more and maybe millions down the road if we make a come back.

So then, no one is some super evil genius conspiring to harm the other on either side of this matter. I do think Darius and his agents are punks, just not "Master Plan" creating punks. I also don’t think KP is some evil genius conspiring with the league to take out unwanted players through "fake" medical retirements. I think the Front Office weighed their options and were trying to protect their owner and because of the insurance aspect of things the Blazers felt Medical retirement was the best option. You could call this greed and I think you would be right but then that is how virtually all for profit businesses are run. One could say that's the motivating factor for the Blazers greed.

All in all it’s quite simple, easily anticipated greed on the part of the Blazers, Darius and his agent and a stupid medical retirement capspace rule has created a ridiculous situation. The outcome I am hopeful of is that the league changes the rule Darius gets signed without impacting PA or our capspace and everyone but the insurance company is happy.

Weigh in below and don't forget to vote! Miles1_medium


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