Better Officiating a MUST

Let me set the record straight, the 6 man play is NO WAY WORST CALL EVER MADE.

FIRST: every, EVERY bad call made in the NBA is worse than this.
As has been said, it was more unusual – not worst.

Why is every bad call worse than this. Because there’s no such thing as a makeup call. It takes 2 make up calls to erase a bad call. E.g. (assuming the most amount of points are scored)
If the Blazers get called for a foul, and it should have been called on the other team. Blazers down 4 (4 point swing) – assuming no make up call is ever made. I.e. Blazers should have had 2 points but opponent got 2 points.

If a makeup call is made (this is still a 2 point swing against you) – Blazers get 2 back, to make it even, but they should have been up 2. You get the point. If a 2nd makeup call is made then the game is where it was supposed to be. Who ever heard of two makeup calls being made?

So every bad call (with no makeup call) is a 4 point swing. The game against Boston was a 1 point swing. Talk about media hype. The media fouled here. It was a non-issue. 

Here’s the worst call ever made – Super bowl: Seahawks VRS Pittsburgh, almost the entire game was a farce – now that was a bad call (proved by the entire NFL sympathizing with the Hawks). Whether or not you agree with the above example, If I can extrapolate this into an NBA game: When bad calls start going in one direction, and each bad call is potentially a 4 point swing, even just 3 bad calls in a game could be a 12 point swing. Now that starts to become tough to overcome. Check that – that’s a mountain to climb, how would we like to start every game with the Blazers 0 and opponent 12. 

As a Blazer fan I try to be objective, sometimes after a game I think “The calls were pretty even this game”. And as a fan I’m sure there are times when I think we got the worst of it, when really it was fairly even.

But I think we’ve all seen times when clearly this is not the case. Three or four bad calls go in one direction more than should be allowed and we’re no longer watching two teams square up and play ball, we’re watching the outcome of a game decided by refereeing. And can a ref bring  objectivity to a game? Interesting thoughts by Magic Johnson 

There should be no superstar calls, there should be no rookie calls, there should be no calls because I’m Shaq and you’re not, etc. Call the game the way it’s played and let every team play on even ground. 

Excerpt from a good piece by a Celtics fan/writer.
“In no other sport does the home crowd influence the officiating more. Cubs pitchers don't receive an extra 20 strikes per game because they're at Wrigley. The Washington Redskins aren't allotted seven fewer penalties per game when they're playing at FedEx Field. And favorable calls aren't expected to happen. But in the NBA, the home team is expected to have a wider free-throw margin. Explain how this is fair?”

Also form same article “Before the NBA finals, I had watched one full Celtics game all season, mainly because it's hard to enjoy. It's painfully obvious NBA officials have no clue what they're doing. Full disclosure here: I'm a Celtics fan. And officiating is part of it. That 38-10 free-throw disparity for the Celtics in Game 2? Probably not warranted. But was it really necessary for the Lakers to outshoot the Celtics, 20-4, from said line in the first half of Game 3? Absolutely not.”Full article 
I don’t agree with this article 100%, all sports have their tough calls. But an NBA game is more like a wide receiver/pass interference call, which are tougher calls to make. But the article does make a point.

I hate to think of this, but I have asked myself the question: will the Blazers get a fair shake when/if they make it to the playoffs? Will there be calls made because one team is young and another experienced? If the Boston/Laker games are that lopsided, what will be the results of a Blazer playoff game.

 I’ve even thought of far-fetched scenarios how to solve this issue (NBA refereeing). A diverse group of people across the nation could watch a game with a hand held device that has two buttons: a good call button, and a bad call button. The appropriate button could be pushed after each whistle is blown. The immediate results could be monitored by someone who sits at the sidelines only for this purpose, and to relay the results to the floor, if necessary. 
I know this is ridicules, and I’m not really suggesting this, but in today’s world some form of this could possibly work.

All said and done I’m optimistic with the direction of NBA refereeing. But at the same time not sure if the issue can be totally resolved. NBA ball is fast and some calls are hard to make, who really fouled who. And can refs really be unbiased.


Will the Blazers get fair calls in the Playoffs?


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