to accelerate the growth of our youth/consolidate...Battier?

So basically the situation I'm talking about here is dependent on quite a few things:
Bayless showing he can play great with Roy and is as good as we expect
Rudy warranting playing time
Outlaw not fitting extremely well into the offense (as some of us expect)...

If we get into a situation a month or two into the season where we're saying that Webster and Bayless are going to be a part of our future, there still aren't a ton of minutes to go around, and Frye deserves some playing time (squeeze at 2/3/4) early consolidation might be key in keeping our guys developing (as we've discussed before). Now many times we've been hypothetically discussing who would put us over the top, or another young guy to add to the puzzle, myself included with Conley/Iguodala) but another strategy might be to promote growth w/in our team leadership through the young guys by just adding vet role players (such as James Jones last year) these types of moves might not be the best value wise (KP might not like) but I think eventually we'll have to make a few if we want to develop our guys properly.

So say we're a month in and Bayless shows he needs playing time, Webster and Frye are fitting in as complimentary pieces better than Outlaw, and even Sergio shows some signs of life with Rudy here...

We could make a not so bold move by dealing for a vet at SF to stabilize the lineup with Bayless starting at PG. We've discussed Battier before and I've generally been against, but I'd be in favor if we identified our guys we wanted to develop and consolidated in the process of getting him so it's not necessarily a move FOR Battier in and of itself but more a move for the other guys on the team. He could help our D, keep us calm, handle the ball well, and stabilize the lineup while not needing more than 20-25 mpg and not getting in the way too much, and I think it would make it much less risky to develop a PG with him at SF rather than someone like Webster...

Think about Blake, Outlaw for Battier, Harris (expiring filler), and their first round pick.

I'm not sure that's fantastic value, but if our other guys develop better than its worth it in the long run. A move like this gives Nate a defensive minded no ego vet to work with and helps to shorten the rotation for him, even though he loses two of his favorite guys. It makes a lot of sense for Houston because they already have Artest and others and could use a stable low risk PG like Blake with the other stars they have on the floor and aren't going to have too many minutes for Battier behind Artest, but Outlaw could play 3/4 and backup Scola and Artest as a scoring threat. Could we do better? maybe, is it worth it, I don't know?

I think to make a consolidation move that pushes our other guys into bigger roles we have to be in a place where we have confidence in the young guys we push, and show that we aren't quite in contention level yet (otherwise why rock the boat). But I do love the balance of this... (asuming that Bayless is worthwhile and Sergio is good for 15 mpg off the bench). I wouldn't make this move now and hand Bayless the starting job, but if he works to earn it I think it makes sense (unless Outlaw blows up this year).


Basically four lineups

Bayless/Roy/Battier/Aldridge/Oden (8 mpg) open

Bayless/Roy/Battier/Frye/Oden (16 mpg) middle A

Sergio/Fernandez/Webster/Aldridge/Pryzbilla (16 mpg) middle B

Roy/Fernandez/Webster/Aldridge/Oden (8 mpg) close

good balance of vets and threats in each lineup with clear roles.

1. Bayless is never (in theory) on the floor w/o Roy and Battier (of course this changes with fouls and such. But those are two guys who make his learning easier.

(Bayless/Roy/Battier) (Sergio/Fernandez/Webster) (Roy/Fernandez/Webster)

2. Webster plays more up-tempo and gets to be more of a scoring threat in the second unit fed on the break.

3. Aldridge should get more time with the second unit as a fast-break threat with Frye complimenting Oden so well.
(Sergio/Fernandez/Webster/Aldridge/Pryzbilla for 16 a game) Aldridge's first 8 and last 8 with the starters

4. Frye's time would come mainly with the starters as he would spread the floor for Roy and Bayless to drive and accelerate Oden's development as an interior scoring threat and pick n roll player.

5. call me crazy but I think Sergio might look fine (as a backup) with Fernandez, Webster, and Frye or Aldridge on the floor next to him as scoring (non-iso) threats who pass and move w/o the ball rather than Jack and Outlaw as the main threats (who only score in iso). And he wouldn't be playing with Roy really.

I think a move like this takes us a little out of contention this year, but pays off big time a year later...

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