"Rudy's trip. From Badalona to the NBA". Book it.

The Spanish player of the Portland Trail Blazers Rudy Fernandez has affirmed this evening in Badalona that he feels " qualified to play well, to have minutes and an important role " in his first season in the NBA.

The player has been present at the presentation of the book "Rudy's trip. From Badalona to the NBA", where two journalists revise Rudy's life inside and out of the field during last five years.

The international Spanish, who wants that the book is translated to English in order that also they know him in The United States, already knows what his new coach, Nate McMillan, wants of him: " the coach trusts very much in me and he wants me to be an important piece for the the team. My challenge is to play minutes".

Rudy Fernandez will go to Portland next Sunday accompanied of his mother, Maite, who will live with him in Portland the first two years.

The Majorcan have admitted that there are " many expectations " in Portland with his arrival, especially after his performance in the final of the Olympic Games at Pekin against the United States, and that the fans are "very excited".

The dunk he made against Dwight Howard is the play that "more has impressed" among the North American fans, according to Rudy, who is sure that "one day Howard will return it to me" (may I translate "one day Howard will slam/dunk back on me"?).

Rudy Fernandez hopes that Sergio Rodríguez is like his "brother" in his first months in the NBA to bear the pressure to which he will be submitted because of being a player who has triumphed in Europe.

The player faces expectant his new life in the United States: " the project of Portland brings me good sensations and now, after an unforgettable season with the DKV Joventut it was the time to go away".

He does not fear to cross the Atlantic Ocean to play with the best players. "It is an unique experience that I wanted to live. Turns out well or bad, I will have lived through it and it would not be a failure if I return soon. I am ready for this challenge ", he has said.

Before travelling to The United States, Rudy Fernandez has thrown a message for those who think that, once he left, Ricky must assume the whole pressure in his team.

"Putting the whole pressure on Ricky is too much for a 17-year-old player. They all must assume the pressure. In my second year in the first team (there are some teams in Joventut, the ACB team is the "first team") it harmed me that the whole world they were looking at me", the player has reminded.

Many Spanish media have published this information as it happened in an open to public event. Link.  

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