Steve Blake IS starting and SHOULD start at the 1

Hello all,

This is my first post.  I have responded to other posts, but this is my first Fanpost on this site.  So I'm going to start it out right.

Steve Blake will be our starting point guard this season.  Steve Blake SHOULD be our starting point guard this season.  Steve Blake, unless injured, should be our starting point guard in the Playoffs as well.

I'm not going to post statistics.  I know some of you scientologists live and die by the statistic, but if statistics told the whole story then why is Joel P. even on the team anymore?  Because statistics, while useful, are not the end-all, be-all of human existence.  Math is a language that expresses a certain aspect of reality but the fact is that Einstein was wrong when he said God doesn't play dice.  God is a crap-shootin', poker playin', SOB and every philosophically minded grey-matter equipped being out there UNDERSTANDS this.  Unless they are an empiricist.

And nobody likes an empiricist.  Not even the empiricists.

Which leads us to Sergio and Bayless.  Sergio has some interesting aspects to his game and I flat-out love the way that Bayless plays.  I think Bayless is an up and comer whose assassin-like character is going to be a huge plus for our team coming off the bench.  I think he should contribute an equal number of minutes once he has established himself as an NBA player.  But Blake should be starting even if bayless is putting up 30 point games.

Why?  Because Blake is an actual point guard.  He is a team player and he understands this team better than anyone else on the court.  Even Roy.  Roy maybe a leader and the guy you want in control of the ball at the end of the game once half court has been established, but the reality is you still have to have Blake bringing the ball up the court.

Bayless is someone you want coming off the bench.  Someone who has been watching the PG from the other team for ten minutes and who now knows how to shut them down.  He should come off the bench and literally crush the back court, steal the ball from them and dunk on their saddened heads.  And then look into their SOUL with that ICE-COLD stare of his.  And possibly nibble on their cranium.  Just a little.  For taste.  When the back court of the opposing team is utterly crushed, and possibly bleeding, you bring back Blake to establish our game again.

Blake is team-first.  Bayless is score-first.  Both are incredibly vaulable to this team and I think the 1-2 punch of Blake and Bayless will be utterly devastating this year.  I don't the 2-1 would work as well.

Nothing against Bayless, nothing against his game (which we need), but everything to do with consistency and playing to their styles of play.

I see this team as a dynasty if we play it right.  We have the right players and the right coach.  It's ours to lose.

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