Sweet B-Day Present

This last Saturday I celebrated my 31st birthday in my adopted home town of Bend, OR (I grew up in Tualatin). My parents, who have retired to rural Canby, came out on Sunday to visit. The night before they left my dad called and said "I found someting pretty cool for you, nothing big but I'm pretty sure you'll like it". And how. Turns out my parents had stopped at a yard sale the previous weekend and found a true Blazer fan's treasure trove. I now have in my possesion every issue of Rip City magazine from the inagural first issue featuring Clyde Drexler in his USA jersey circa 1992, to the November 1998 issue with a cover that proudly proclaimed "How Our Garden Has Bloomed" with a nice shot of the Garden.

Reading through these old issues has brought back to mind a whole bunch of ex-players, crazy predictions, and unrealized potential. Very interesting stuff, very. I thought some of you might appreciate it if I share a few cover headlines with you. If you want me to expand on them, ask and I'll be happy to. I may even re-issue some of the more interesting articles, if people wanted me to. Here are some of the headlines that caught my attention.

"Masters of the Boards: Analyzing the Blazers Rebounding Prowess" - January, 1998. This article features Gary Trent (on the cover), filling in for an injured Rasheed Wallace for extended duty, Arvydas Sabonis, and Brian Grant.

"Why Clifford Robinson deserves an All-Star spot" By Bill Schonley - February, 1994

"Talking Trash with Steve and Mike" - October, 1995. Featuring a youthful looking Mike Rice and Steve "Snapper" Jones posing for a J-Crew catalog-esque photo shoot in front of the Rose Garden.

"Hello, Harvey! Grant Marches West" - October, 1993. Apparently we were really excited when he came over. I remember I was.

"Clifford and Rod: All-Stars in Our Book" - March, 1996. So they had that going for them. Which is nice.

"Sudden Impact: Why Sabas Deserves the NBA Sixth Man Award" By Eddie Doucette - April 1996

I could go on and on. The predictions are often hilarious. I'm going to post Mike Rice's draft predictions for you guys soon. Some of it is pretty far off. I know how I'll be spending my Labor Day. Go Blazers!

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