[Updated] I guess this is the thing to do right now...

So I was bored and played around on guess what? Trade Machine YAY!

Here are some simple trades that can be souped up to make it more appealing to teams:

Trade 1:

Now I know this one has been covered already when the rockets signed Artest but I still wouldn't mind to see it possibly go down and I am curious about your thoughts. It's simply:

Blazers get: Shane Battier

Rockets get: Channing Frye & Martell Webster (a draft pick or two or cash can be thrown in to sweeten the deal if needed)

I feel rockets get a great hi post back up PF in Frye and a very talented back up to Artest in Webster. Both provide a very potent scoring punch off the bench that would make them a VERY deep and scarey team. What are all of your thoughts on this?

Trade 2:

Now this one was just me being down right greedy! I don't know if the other two teams would do this at all just because it is WAY too good of a deal for the Blazers, but I think you could make an argument it is good for all teams Detroit being the hardest though, Pritchard would have to use some of his voodoo magic or jedi mind tricks on this one possibly):

Blazers get: Tayshaun  Prince & Devin Harris

Nets get: Richard Hamilton, Steve Blake & Reaf LaFrentz (Possibly some cash or unsigned draft picks and probably a 1st round draft pick)

Pistons get: Martell Webster, Vince Carter & Trenton Hassell (A whole butt load of draft picks from us and new jersey)

I don't think I need to go over why Blazers would do this..........yes all are nodding in agreement. Nets get three contracts expiring contracts, LaFrentz this off season and Hamilton and Blake next offseason, while unloading the Carter contract just in time for the best player on the planet to be a unrestricted free agent. The big thing is Harris, he would be such a great guard along side James I don't know if New Jersey would let him go, especially to a team as stacked at the Blazers! Thats why hopefully they would have some intrest in any of our unsigned pick (give them whoever they want! and probably a 1st round pick at leats if not some 2nds and of course cash from Allen wouldn't hurt. Now with detroit I have heard rumors they possibly were thinkin of breaking up the team and going in new direction with Stockley as possibly someone to build around, but I dont know if they are ready for that yet. And if they are they probably would want to deal Sheed and Billups before Hamilton and Prince but my brain hurts too much to bring in another team and I know us and Nets wouldn't want either of them for finacial reasons. However maybe this could give them more of a push in that direction as they get a great player in Webster and an ok hustel man in Hassell and a very marketable player in Carter, who with the foursome they have not had. I feel the only way this would go down is if they we and possibly New Jersey unload some draft picks on them for thier use in dealing unwanted players or for rebuilding. Again I don't know if they are at this point yet. So what are your thoughts?


Here is a Trade 2 Update

I added Nicolas Batum to the trade (I originally thought adding another player would mess up the numbers) from a suggestion from GreatOden'sRaven and it works! Also there is a trade exception Detroit can use from their Nazr Mohammad trade to get Sergio Rodriguez which makes getting two young players with good potential a much better outcome for Detroit! This is a still a pretty out unlikely trade, but this gives it a slight pushmore in reality.



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