Recipe for Success: Up-Tempo, D, Run, Run, see Blazers run...

Hey all,

New member, thanks, you made the Olympic better for me, and I'm sure many others..  I loved reading all the posts about the Blazer's incredible roster, including the Bayless and Rudi highlights...  I, too woke up the house on that dunk...  But one thing I haven't seen discussed much is the STYLE of play the Blazers need to play to be most successful.  Because of our unmatched depth of talent, that style, I believe, is, in a word (or 2?), up-tempo...

I'd like to see the first team take it right to the opponents, opening up with D like it's the 4th qtr of game 7 off the opening tip, and run the break after each D rebound.  Try to run the other team into the ground.  After 6 minutes, bring in a Bayless for Blake...  Let him turn on his fresh legs and run some more...  After a few more minutes, switch up Outlaw/Webster, and give big Greg a break, a minute later bring in Rudi for Roy...  And continue the pressure, and the rapid substition pattern that lets everybody play full out, for 6-8 minutes at a time...  Run....   Then bring in fresh legs, and run some more...   Throw out Batum, Rudi, Bayless, Oden and Diogu for a 'defense first' squad.... Run, run, and run some more.

Play full-court D, make the other team work all 48 minutes, contest the full length of the court.  Especially every home game.  Make Portland THE dreaded stop in the league. Every minute, out-hustle, out work, out sweat the opponent.  Because you only have to do it for 6-8 minutes at a time.   And you're only 20-something years old!

The other thing you need, besides depth, to play the running game, is to have control of the defensive glass.  (It helps to have multiple options to throw the outlet pass to, as well).  With Oden and LA manning the boards, and able to pass the ball to any of the other 3 guys to start the break, this year's Blazer's roster has what it takes to be a fast-break team...

This kind of play is very exciting for fans to watch, and is perhaps the only style of play that lack of experience won't take away in the post-season...  Because you can always hustle...  Having watched the mighty Bird Celtics of the 80's, I know that an Defensive team-first mindset, with an up-tempo style is the Blazers recipe for their success... 

Oh, and one final thing...  this is the NBA..  There IS no next year.   Blazers have the team that just could, with a few breaks, shock the world and win it ALL - this year - with a wild, up-tempo, smothering defense, fast break team.



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