A Blazer Fan's Foreign Policy

We need a change

As a Blazer Fans, we're all over the board about our Team.  Some believe that we are destined to own the NBA for the next 10 years, while others believe we'll contend in a few years.  Some believe that Brandon Roy's ceiling is so high we can't even see it from here, and some believe he's already reached it or is very close.  Some believe Greg Oden is the next coming of Wilt Chamberlin, only better (and without the sex addict thing), and some believe he'll just be a good defender in the paint.  But it doesn't matter what we each believe, that's what makes America fantastic, this is not a post about why Greg is the man or why Brandon will be MVP next year. 

This is a post about our official foreign policy.  What does that mean?  Why should we care?  Do we even need one?  All will be addresses below.

What is a foreign policy

Officially that is a plan for how you relate to something not like yourself. For a country that means how you relate to other countries, for us it means how relate to fans of other teams, the media (excluding Dave and Ben), non fans, etc... What I'll be talking about in this post in particular is... How we relate to fans of other teams.

There are all sorts of aspects to consider for this subject alone; far too many for one post. But since we are on this forum let's just talk about that. With the blogging world blowing up out of control we have access to what people are thinking at any time, and it's only becoming more available. Things to think about as you read on are: How do fans of other teams see me? How do they perceive I think of them? If a L@ker fan was drowning whould I save him or her?

Why it's important

Well, every country has a foreign policy. It helps them make fast desicions about what they should do in any given situation, ensures that they live by a set standard, and gives other countries an idea about how to perceive them. We need one for the same reason. We need to know how to act at any given moment and how we want fans of other fans to see us. Do we want their respect? Do we want them to despise us? We have to decide the answers to these questions before we say or do someething contradictory.

Let's use a sports example, Raiders fans. Their foreign policy: kill. Act unstable. Never refer to Mom as Mommy. Don't cry if you stub your toe. You get the idea. They have a reputation. That's what we need, but hopefully a better one than this example.

Why should we care

Well we don't technically have to. But consider this, how do we talk about other fans? We make fun of L@ker fans all the time, do we want them to make fun of us? Do we want to be considered homers with no touch with reality?

Right now on other fan sites L@ker fans are saying that the next 5 years belongs to K*be, and they'll have 3 rings easily. Hornet's fans are saying they're the best up-and-coming young team in the league and they're on their way to multiple championships. As we know (because of their statements in general) L@ker fan's are delusional, and they think they are owed championships. They're the freakin' L@kers! The league owes them for past greatness. I'm hoping the Hornet's fans's are wrong too, but they're a good team.

The point is, I don't think either of these teams fans that say this can think outside their own team, but we say the same stuff on this site sometimes. I've seen claims of "More rings than fingers" and "Roy is better than K*be!". In the end we might be right, you never know, but I don't want to be seen as someone who's opinion can't be taken seriously because I'm so incredibly biased. 

I agree, but now what?

If you've read this far then hopefully you see my point. Now we need to come up with a plan though. Should we trash talk other fans whenever we want or should do unto others as we'd have done to us? Do we fall in line with other delusional teams fans and say right now, before Greg Oden has ever played an NBA game, that we can sit back and let the championships roll in? I think we can come up with a solution that will apease everyone.

My humble opinion

That doesn't mean we should be quite about our love for our team, or never have a homer moment or two. And it definitely doesn't mean we shouldn't be loud at the Rose Garden (we should be the loudest fans on the planet, we have a great team and a great staff). It just means that it's okay to play some thing close to your chest.

Also we should never trash talk about other fans (except L@ker fans, I don't care if they hate us). We don't want to be hated around the league, we want to entice other people to come be fans of our team. We want to have the biggest fan base of any NBA team. I know that's a tall order, but I'm willing to hope for it. If we are perceived as gracious to others not as fortunate as us, articulate and intelligent, undyingly loyal to our Blazers, and grounded we at least have a chance. Those are my thoughts on our foreign policy, but I'm still not quite sure what to do about that drowning L@ker fan... guess I'd throw 'em a couple water wings.

Your turn

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