The Rose Garden - I got $5 on it, I.E. Keeping the name the same.

Will this be the last year the Blazers play Home Games in the now called "Rose Garden"? The topic of the naming rights of our fair arena has gone forgotten like the names of MIA prisoners of war from the first Gulf Conflict (think the Bush before this current poor excuse for a plant). I however, like an elephant, never forget. RIP the Rose Garden. For at some point this year we will be attending games in the "Insert Sponsor Here" Garden. (We can only hope they keep the Rose Garden name and just add some sponsor's name up front)

The point of this Post: What will your fondest memories of the "Rose Garden" be? And do you have any memories that you would like to create before the last of the un-sponsored area's legacy becomes a corporate public relations tool? Think about it, with all the GREAT things happening to the Blazer's right now, business' must be doing back flips to buy our naming rights. The longer the Blazers hold out on selling those rights and continue to improve their on the court games the higher the asking price will be. Good for them. Bad for the little guy. I like attending games at one of the only professional venue's without some corporate sponsor's name attached to it. But does it really even matter what the name of your arena is? Sure the once legendary "Boston Garden" is now some called some name of a conglomerate face-piece, but it didn't stop KG and company from filling that place up and adding another banner to the rafters.

Hey Paul; I got five on it. As in I would be willing to pay $5 to Mr. Allen out of my own pocket to keep the Rose Garden, THEE Rose Garden forever.

I am sure he would be ecstatic to have such wealth.

Here is what I remember from last year:

First of all, when I won the "Blazermaniac Section Captain Contest" my heart just about spontaneously combusted. I loved having 3 tickets to every home game (the one ticket I won in the lower bowl plus my 2 nose-bleed tickets made it hard for my guests and I to sit together but we managed to sit together most games, expect of course when we started selling out home games!) That feat alone (selling out all the games at the end of the season) goes up there with the best of my memories!

I remember beating LA twice last year at home! How does that apple taste Kobe? I started the BEAT LA chant, 20,000 of my friends helped me finish it.

I recall Martell having the quarter of a career, can he do that for a whole game?

I met some nice gals, said hello to the Schonz and got my t-shirt signed.

I would call into the radio shows after wins, I would cry-in after losses. And please keep the post-game show at Schonley's place and I promise to bring more legal-drinking-age ladies.

I liked trying to sneak in a pint of wild turkey, getting caught but not kicked out, after all, I am Blazermaniac Andy!

I really liked walking across the Steele bridge after another win on our 13 game streak! Oh what a streak it was. I am still holding me breath (I got lung power!) from that last shot in game 10 when Travis Outlaw blocked Linas' 3 point shot at the end of regulation. Goosebumps are still prevalent when I reminisce.

Times I Could Forget:

I could forget those somber stroll's across said metal bridge when a loosing night had been at hand. (I.E. potential 14 game winning streak)

I would like to deprive any thoughts of Lebron, enough said.

But all in all, I wouldn't change a thing. It was the perfect year the only thing that could of have made it better would of have been to see Greg play, at least one minute please!

Looking forward to:

Opening Night! For starters I got a HOT date. I am talking drop dead gorgeous, and with her by my side our combined Blazer's passion will result in us beating San Antonio in the home opener.

I want to see Greg Oden tear a rim off the back board. Wrap it up like a pretzel, sprinkle a little salt on top and give it to Paul Allen as a souvenir of the days BEFORE the Blazer's won 15 championship's in a row.

The Playoff's: This is the year we make our triumphant return to the post season. I would be willing to bet my $5 on it.

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