Looking to go to a couple of games this year?

I have a pair of season tickets that I am not using this year. I decided I would let all the fine folks at BE have first go at them. I figure since everything is for face value on this site, the best way to divide them up on was to put the tickets into tiers and you can chose 2 games, on inverse tiers (eg. if you pick from the top tier, or A, you have to pick from the bottom, or H. A pick from B would require a pick from G as well, ect). First to pick what they want in the comments part, first serve. When I get the tickets we can worry about emailing the tickets and the money bit. If you don't have your email on your page at this site, then leave some kind of contact info when you post. The tickets are 118 row C (the upper, cheaper, part of 118) and face value is $75 per ticket. They are really nice seats, and yet not astronomically priced. Here are the tiers that I came up with:

Tier A

- Sold Out -

Tier B

New Orleans Fri. 1/2, Cleveland 1/21,San Antonio Sun. 3/01, Detroit 1/7, Rockets 11/06

Tier C

Phoenix 3/26, Orlando 12/09, Utah 3/31, Utah 1/31, Dallas 3/11

Tier D

Philly 3/23, Toronto Sat 12/27, Clippers Sun. 2/22,  LA Clippers 12/12

Tier E (inverse of D)

Chicago 11/19,  Indy 3/04, Wizards Sat. 1/24, Denver 12/23

Tier F (inverse of C)

Memphis Sat 3/28, Minnesota 11/08 Sat, Minnesota Sat. 3/07, Atlanta Fri. 2/20, GS sat. 1/10, New York Sun. 2/08,

Tier G (inverse of B)

Milwaukee 1/19, Charlotte 1/28, Memphis 2/18, OK city 4/13, New Jersey Fri. 3/13,

Tier H (inverse of A, preseason games)

- Sold Out -

I have 2 tickets for every game. Coming up with those tiers was really difficult. I kept having to add additional tiers. I tried to make it as fair as I could because I seriously doubt that all of these will go and I really don't want to get stuck with the really tough games to get rid of and all the best ones gone. I'm still a little worried that somehow it will still happen, but all in all, they did a good job with the schedule and the west is so strong that there aren't many doubles of the really bad games, so I think I'll be OK. I am going to give my friend the Lakers game in April for making it to the open house for me and grabbing the seats, so I didn't put it up. There is therefore an extra game in tier E, which I think I'll keep just because I usually have at least one person ask me for a game every year. Other than that, have at it. I'll try and update it as much as possible if there is any updating that needs to be done. I'm also not sure how to strike through what I wrote once someone picks something up.

Here's the stadium map on the Blazers website, click on the light blue part of 118, row A-F, for the 3d view.

If I'm not mistaken, Ratbastard said he just got 3 seats in the upper level purple section somewhere that he is going to split up on this site too. I'm not sure how he is going to do that,  but if that would suit you better, you might want to hold off.

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