Time for a 2-for-1 Gameday Open Thread Split

Over 700 posts in the middle of the night for a Spain-Greece game can only mean one thing... The Gameday Open Thread is gonna blow the top off the popcorn popper when the season starts... Don't believe me? Let me quote The Great Mortimer, who hath written:

"Ooph I'm hoping I go to the season opener in Los Angeles. Not only to see Oden live in his 1st game ever, but to avoid how SLOOOOOOOOOOOW the gameday thread will be. It will get like 5000 posts. I’m not even exaggerating."

As usual, Mort-tone is correctamundo...

We only had one regular season game with the "new" SBNation board this past season, I recall, and it was a buggy, messy experience. Ugh. And that was small potatoes compared to what's ahead... During Summer League a good deal of the pressure was taken off by the fact that about half the crowd was watching things on a 30 minute delay.

Regular season opener, away game, national broadcast, against the Lakers? Yikes, the planets have aligned. Morty-baby's 5000 posts strikes me as a reasonable Vegas Over/Under...

I suggest the following: that the BE Gameday Open Thread (GDOT) dodge the forthcoming disaster by preemptively executing a Wall Street-style 2-for-1 split. TWO GDOTs instead of one, in other words. This is also an opportunity to make the GDOT a more happy experience for everyone by giving each of the the parallel GDOTs a flavor.

GDOT Channel One could be THE HAPPY FAN CHANNEL. Upbeat fans being upbeat about their team. Positive vibes and Very LImited Grumpiness. Etc.

GDOT Channel Two could be THE SMARTASS CHANNEL. The young, surly, and drunk getting together to bitch and moan and flirt with Dave Disaster and Destruction by making somewhat lewd comments about The Laker Girls... Etc.

People could select their own Gameday Open Thread experience -- and pressure would be alleviated on the single thread (which is going to be SWAMPED if something is not done). Two birds, one stone -- TWO THREADS.

And now, in honor of all the bad polls I have griped about, a good poll:


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