The Blazers are Thieves

I am a Sonics fan (or was) and fell like venting some aggression on the blazers. The blazers are thieves, constantly stealing talent from bad teams that really need it.

#1 Roy - Foye Trade.

Ridiculous. This is why the Wolves will always stink. These two guys are nearly the same age (Roy slightly younger) and were both sophomores. Pretty similar scoring and rebounding numbers. A couple differences though. The main difference is Roy shot better than 50% from the field both of his years in college. Foye was hovering just over 40%. This is a MAJOR difference. Efficiency is everything, everyone scores if they keep shooting. Any guard that can average better than 50% for an entire multi-year college career is amazing. The better scoring % is a result of being better at getting to the rim and being a better outside shooter, in other words, a vastly superior offensive player. But Foye is a PG right?  I mean, he makes up for inferior scoring ability by distributing to teammates? Oh wait, Roy averaged way more assists in college than Foye (which has contintued in the NBA). Roy isn't a 'true PG', he's too big and strong, wouldn't want a guy like that on your team.  This trade will always  mystify me. Why on earth do you take the guard thats smaller and not as good at basketball?

This is a trend we will see the sneaky Blazers repeat, ie, taking great basketball players instead of scout-fetish low-lives.

#2 The Aldridge - Thomas trade.

Again, total steal by the blazers. These two had similar numbers in college. Thomas was more of an athlete and Aldridge more of a basketball player though. I will never understand why these scouts and their teams go crazy over these athletic projects. Great athletes don't all that often figure out how to succeed in the NBA. Great basketball players are usually a lot better off. Everyone assumes you can teach basketball to an athlete. This thinking is crazy, anyone who's played basketball knows that the way they do it in the pros you either got it or you don't by the time your 20. Its actually a lot easier to take a guy who can really play the game and help him become a better athlete. The Blazers correctly predicted that Thomas wouldn't have size and athleticism advantages over NBA opponents and that would be pretty much it for him. Aldridge has had to work to improve in the NBA, but being good at playing basketball has really smoothed things over for him.

#3 Bayless

Another year, another stupid draft for most teams. Why on earth does chicago take Rose? Rose is definitely overrated. He is a great athlete, but is he a great basketball player? He's definitely not a bad player, but is he a #1 pick GREAT player? Westbrook, Rose, Bayless, etc. these guys are all great athletes, what makes Rose so superior? How did he earn the ever-elusive 'pure PG' label? Did any of these scouts watch a Memphis game? Clearly CDR was doing a big chunk of the ball handling for that squad. Memphis was a great team and Rose was a part of that, but they were also a stacked team, and Rose was not responsible for that. Enter Jerryd Bayless: Great player. Knows how to play the game like a pro. Doesn't have the 'mechanics' scouts drool over, but somehow manages to be a dead-eye shooter anyways. Only via complete and utter theft do the Blazers get this player about five spots later than he should have gone.


The Bulls won championships all through the 90's. They deserve to suck for a long time. They were even in the playoffs most of the last few years. All of the sudden they get a #1 pick? So unfair. They then blow it on a position they are OK at. Hinrich is a pretty solid point, why reach for rose? They've needed an inside scorer for years and I don't think Drew Gooden solved the problem. They had Beasley (great basketball player btw) for the taking. Stupid.




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