Sonic's Fans: It's Time To Root For Paul Allen's OTHER Team

Here's a piece I just sent to the Seattle PI....encourage them to run it! We have a opportunity to really increase Blazer Nation....


With Clay Bennet and his Raiders settling with the city Wednesday. Sonic fan's are left wondering, "What now?"

There are two obvious options:

We can choose to be bitter for the next few years until Seattle lands a new team (which could be a while) or we could choose to root for the team and Durant in OKC (traitor!).

There must be a better option, right?

There is.

I'm talking of course, about rooting for the Portland Trailblazers.

What!? Blasphemy, you cry!

Blasphemy because Blazer fans love all-star and former UW standout, Brandon Roy?

Blasphemy because Blazer fans love their leader, former Sonic's star and coach, Nate McMillen?

Blasphemy because they think Martell Webster, former Seattle Prep star, is going to have a breakout season?

Blasphemy because the owner is none other than Mr. Checkbook himself, Seattle's Paul Allen?

There's no Blasphemy there. Just a team that has more ties to Seattle than the current Seattle roster!

So, here's the deal. Sure it sucks that we are losing the Sonics. But there is a group of quality, up and coming young men down in Portland that are starting something special. #1 Pick Greg Oden is healthy and ready (and he endorsed Obama!). We have a crazy sharpshooting Spaniard named Rudy Fernandez (YouTube him, seriously) coming over.

It's truly an exciting time to be a Blazer fan.

And they aren't an exclusive club.

Did you know that the majority of Portlanders absolutely LOVE the Seahawks? Heck, even the Mariner's are the favorite MLB team down south.

The Blazers are the only professional franchise in Portland. They are fanatical about them.  It's time to jump on the bandwagon down south. Maybe we could even convince Paul Allent to have a few Blazer home games in Key Arena.

We could choose to be bitter, or even choose to root for Durant and company in OKC. But why? We've got a quality team just 3 hours away that would welcome us with open arms. And in a few years, probably some championship rings as well.

Scott Krager is a freelance web developer and writer in Seattle, WA and avid Blazer and (former) Sonics fan. Scott grew up in Portland before moving to Seattle in 2003 to attend college at Seattle Pacific University.

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