9 minutes of HELL the night of the draft...

This is a thread I picked up from the Bobcats faithful in the few minutes leading up to and right after they pick Augustin.

It seems that nobody is happy and they ALL wanted Bayless. He He...

Snippets from last nights draft chat
Written by ziggy   
Friday, 27 June 2008 09:15

DJ Augustin to the Bobcats at #9

17:19 eaton_branden1   We better take Bayless I swear
17:19 ohara831         Dont know. All that talk of wanting a Center so Okafor can play PF
17:19 Mustachio        if its lopez they better announce the trade quick...cause im not sure how long we can keep beagle alive
17:19 Icky Thump       lol
17:19 Ammofan          Bayless....Bayless....Bayless!
17:20 Tupacalypse      k lets make a deal, if we take lopez we all kill ourselves
17:20 swetooth9       cmonnn
17:20 ALong13         Kind of like last years Wright pick...everyone was pissed and ready to cut their wrist, then the trade was announced
17:20 Mustachio       ewww suicide pact not my style
17:20 dnbman          Beagle... it could mean that that golf chick shows up at games sometimes. Small comfort?
17:20 Beagle          BAYYYYLESSS
17:20 eaton_branden1  Is Bayless there? I haven't seen him
17:20 Ammofan         idk
17:20 Dunk            stephen a's english...ha!
17:20 Beagle          lol
17:20 ohara831        They dont need Joe to speak mandarin with Yi, he's one!
17:20 Beagle          not quite, dnb
17:20 ALong13         Damn gotta i'm going to wait
17:20 Hormel          If we take Lopez I will cry along with everyone else, I don't know if I'll kill myself though
17:20 ohara831        Yi is gone. Why JoeAlexander?
17:21 eaton_branden1  weird
17:21 eaton_branden1  I don't see him playing pf
17:21 letsgocats!     intense
17:21 dnbman          who as crazy dunks.
17:21 Ammofan         Anyone hear any new Cats trade rumors?
17:21 dnbman          here's the commercial!!!!
17:21 Beagle          being an astros fan, i'm going to go shawn chacon on MJ if we go lopez or augstin here
17:21 Ziggy           he'll get KILT at PF
17:21 Icky Thump      lol commercial
17:21 letsgocats!     it means COMMERCIAL
17:21 Mustachio       hahah told you!!!
17:21 Dunk            seriously
17:21 jasonits420     lol
17:21 letsgocats!     and they'll pick before they get back
17:21 eaton_branden1  They always do that **** with the Panthers too
17:21 Hormel          I like how everyone in the Lottery has gotten draft coverage, but they hardly mention the Bobcats on ESPN
17:22 Beagle          yes
17:22 Mustachio       who are the bobcats
17:22 Beagle          the red headed stepchild
17:22 Ammofan         I agre Hormel
17:22 swetooth9       it's cuz we're small market
17:22 ALong13         yeah, bet our pick doesn't get an interview
17:22 ohara831        My buthole is puckering - too damn nervous
17:22 Tupacalypse     rofllll
17:22 letsgocats!     the redheads take offense

17:22 eaton_branden1     lol
17:22 Icky Thump         TMI Ohara.. but lol
17:22 Beagle             lol
17:22 quanae             hey wat
17:22 eaton_branden1     butthole pucker
17:22 Mustachio          anyone wanna wager on a Hornets reference
17:22 quanae             up
17:22 eaton_branden1     LMAO
17:22 Mustachio          the charlotte hornets.... eww i mean bobcats
17:22 Hormel             Our pick prolly wont even be on Tv
17:22 Beagle             god, come on already
17:22 letsgocats!        50 seconds
17:22 eaton_branden1     2 Horn..I mean BObcats
17:23 ALong13            Vonage commercial takes up the whole screen
17:23 Keetch             im getting 0% financing here!
17:23 letsgocats!        lol
17:23 Ammofan            yup
17:23 ALong13            pick probably now
17:23 eaton_branden1     MJ or Larry Brown speak after the draft pick please!
17:23 ALong13            and we'll miss it
17:23 Hormel             Rice Toyota takes up the whole screen ehre
17:23 Ammofan            stupid Vonage!!!!
17:23 Mustachio          i got jenny rollins right now
17:23 Beagle             wakeforest football crap
17:23 eaton_branden1     WTF
17:23 Hormel             WHERE IS OUR PICK
17:23 Ziggy              roadrunner here
17:23 jasonits420        this is funny
17:23 Hormel             FU ESPN!
17:23 letsgocats!        vonage
17:23 Ammofan            aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
17:23 Tupacalypse        lol the commercial will kill us
17:23 swetooth9          3 million songs OMFG
17:23 eaton_branden1     Bayless Bayless Bayless!!!!!
17:23 dnbman             local espn commercial.
17:23 Beagle             BAYLESS
17:23 letsgocats!        nobody gives a damn
17:23 Hormel             OMG **** YOU ESPN
17:23 dnbman             here we go!!!!!
17:23 eaton_branden1     oh ****
17:23 ALong13            and our time is up
17:23 letsgocats!        and they've picked
17:23 Beagle             ha
17:23 Ammofan            here we go!
17:23 Hormel             wtf
17:23 Beagle             recap
17:23 Hormel             a draft track
17:24 dnbman             they haven't announced it yet.
17:24 Hormel             tell us our pick
17:24 Beagle             what respect
17:24 ALong13            we're getting screwed
17:24 eaton_branden1     like we forgot...Bring your ass Stern
17:24 Mustachio          we get a commercial and a recap!!! this is unprecedented *****ery
17:24 Beagle             i'm going to faint
17:24 Dunk               not lopez
17:24 eaton_branden1     Bayless!
17:24 letsgocats!        not lopez
17:24 Hormel             NONONO
17:24 Beagle             **** that, bilas
17:24 Hormel             not lopez
17:24 ALong13            Lopez a steal...haha no
17:24 eaton_branden1     Lopez sucks and would suck next to Mek
17:24 Keetch             Lopez has the oh**** look on
17:24 Icky Thump         Lopez looks pissed
17:24 Icky Thump         lol
17:24 jasonits420        Lopez is coming to the Bobcats
17:24 Ammofan            trade???Maybe
17:25 Mustachio          he didnt get a phone call!!! he looked pissed
17:25 Icky Thump         We are so gonna draft Lopez
17:25 dnbman             they have never seen Okafor play... I SWEAR TO GOD< ALAH, BUDDHA, KALI
17:25 Hormel             there has got to be a trade
17:25 jasonits420        He doesn't look thrilled
17:25 ALong13            here we go
17:25 dnbman             ****!!!!
17:25 jasonits420        what
17:25 Icky Thump         OMG
17:25 Icky Thump         **** me
17:25 dnbman            terrible.
17:25 letsgocats!       wow
17:25 Hormel            OMG
17:25 Hormel            OMG
17:25 Hormel            OMG
17:25 Beagle            goddamiit
17:25 Keetch            holy ****
17:25 Icky Thump        we suck
17:25 swetooth9         whatttttttt
17:25 dnbman            terrible.
17:25 letsgocats!       wow
17:25 eaton_branden1    STupid
17:25 Mustachio         **** me
17:25 letsgocats!       wow
17:25 dnbman            terrible.
17:25 Tupacalypse       WTF IS THIS ****?
17:25 Hormel            FY MJ!
17:25 jasonits420       we are stupid
17:25 ohara831          Ray is gone
17:25 ALong13           Augistine?
17:25 swetooth9         why him and not bayless????
17:25 Beagle            **** YOU
17:25 Tupacalypse       WHAT THE ****KKKK
17:25 dnbman            what the hell.
17:25 Icky Thump        that is the worst ever
17:25 Beagle            MJ EAT ****
17:25 Tupacalypse       WHAT THE **** IS THIS ****?
17:25 Hormel            GOD
17:25 Keetch            was that a gunshot?
17:25 Icky Thump        ********
17:25 Hormel            this is ****ing useless
17:25 Keetch            Beagle ?
17:25 ALong13           Brook looks like he's going to cry
17:25 Michael35         lol
17:26 Icky Thump        That is the worst
17:26 jasonits420       this was a stupid move
17:26 Icky Thump        omg... ridiculous
17:26 Beagle            it's not lopez, but still
17:26 Hormel            It''s so hard to be a bobcats fan when we make retarded moves like this every year
17:26 Keetch            I really dislike Augustin lol
17:26 Mustachio         hes not even 6 feet
17:26 Beagle            how this moron over bayless
17:26 Beagle            WTF gives?!?!
17:26 eaton_branden1    we suck
17:26 dnbman            man...
17:26 Icky Thump        Who was it that was wanting Augustin again?
17:26 Ziggy             hes not much bigger than a smurf
17:26 Tupacalypse       **** this im gettin off and not gettin on till we trade our pick
17:26 ALong13           I don't hate Augustin, but he wouldn't have been my choice
17:26 Beagle            absolutely no sense
17:27 Mustachio         bayless must have done somethign bad in workouts to fall this hard
17:27 Keetch            real vote of confidence for felts
17:27 letsgocats!       thats who LB wanted
17:27 eaton_branden1    yep
17:27 Beagle            yeah, keetch
17:27 swetooth9         did we even work him out?
17:27 Icky Thump        this is crazy
17:27 Beagle            LB is ****in senile
17:27 Tupacalypse       time to fire larry brown
17:27 eaton_branden1    lol
17:27 Tupacalypse       it was a good 2 months
17:27 Icky Thump        They better trade this
17:27 eaton_branden1    I don't think he wanted to come here
17:27 Icky Thump        work something out of it
17:27 dnbman            I think that was the only pick that really would have disappointed me.
17:27 Hormel            HEY!
17:27 letsgocats!       i'm ok with it...
17:27 Keetch            "sick to my stomach"
17:27 eaton_branden1    I like that DJ plays with a swagger and he's a winner but Bayless will bite us on our ass.
17:28 Mustachio         so confused

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