2002 NBA CHAMPS. Please help me change history

I just posted this on the Kings Blog:

I think it's the least we can do for them.  If you would please now refer to the Kings as the 2002 NBA Champs, I'd certainly appreciate the correction. 

First off I'm a Blazer fan.  I came over to read the draft thread from last night.  You guys are seriously funny.  We certainly appreciated all the good humor and 'in good nature' Blazer hating.

You're also a small market team, much like Portland.  The cities are different in many ways, but you're culture is fairly similar.  You're going through what we went through a few years ago. 

Last night was especially tough for you.  Maybe Thompsen works out.  He looks good to me, but I'm stupid.  We'll see.  Either way, missing out on Bayless and Augustin must have been torture.  I felt it for a few minutes before I realized what KP was up to.  I love Petire, but you probably could have had one of those players if Petrie really did his homework.

Because you seem like a great blog, and because of the similarities I mentioned and the tough times you've been having, I'd like to do two things for you. 

First, I'd like to invite you to become Blazer fans.  The timing's right, and now that you've had a formal invitation it's not like you're just jumping on some bandwagon.  You harcore fandom is not in question because we're pretty close as far as teams go, we all hate the living bejeezers out of the L*kers, and other reasons.

The other thing I'd like to do for you is to award the Kings the 2002 NBA Championship.  I don't care how many times I'm called a conspiracy theorist, that was your championship, and from now on when anyone ever asks me who won the 2002 NBA Championship, I will say it was the Kings.  I'll also make sure to ask my fellow Blazers Edge bloggers to do the same (though I can't promise they will).

I hope this helps you guys feel a little better about last night.  It's been a long time coming, but the 2002 Kings are finally awarded the title they deserve.  If anyone knows of a good and extremely cheap jeweler, I'd be happy to collect funds to get some rings made.  We can send them to each of the players.  Maybe we could have them made in LA.  Anyway, you now have bragging rights.  Have fun guys.

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